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Russian army rehearsals for 9 May 2019 Victory Day military parade.

| 2019

Russian soldiers are training for the Victory Day military parade, which will take place on Red Square on May 9 to mark the 74th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) over Nazi Germany. The preparations, which are taking place at Alabino range near Moscow, have entered the final stage," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Russian army rehearsals for 9 May 2019 Victory Day military parade 925 001
T-14 main battle tank on Armata platform during the rehearsal for 9 May 2019 Victory Day Military Parade. (Picture source Russian MoD)

The T-34-85 tank will lead a mechanized column. It will be followed by a column of army AM-1 all-terrain vehicles; Tigr-M automobiles, Tigr-M automobiles with Arbalet-DM modules and the Kornet-D1 self-propelled anti-tank missile systems; protected Taifun-K 4x4 automobiles; the Kurganets-25 and BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles; T-14 tanks on the Armata platform; tank support fighting vehicles (BMPT); T-72B3 tanks; BMD-4M airborne fighting vehicles and BTR-MDM armored personnel carriers; self-propelled launchers of the Iskander-M missile system, the Smerch salvo fire system, BTR-82A; 152mm self-propelled artillery weapon systems Msta-S, TELAR for the Buk-M2 surface to-air missile systems; combat vehicles for the Tor-M2 air defense missile systems; Pantsir-S air defense missile/gun systems, S-400 surface-to-air missile launchers; Tigr-M CpN special purpose trucks; Lada 4x4 trucks with a Kord machinegun mount; Taifun-U and Taifun-K protected vehicles; Tigr armored vehicles; the Chaborz M-3 buggy; the Patrul armored vehicles; the Ural-432009 armored vehicles; Yars autonomous launchers; UAZ-Pickup vehicles; K-16 armored personnel carriers mounted on the Bumerang platform.

Rehearsals on a parade ground take place three times a week and will last until April 26. Air formations will join the rehearsals on April 8.

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