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Egypt could sell ST-100 4x4 MRAP armored vehicles to United Araba Emirates.

| 2019

According to the website "The Arab Weekly", Egypt is close to finalizing a deal with the United Arab Emirates for the delivery of local-made ST-100 4x4 MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles. The ST-100 is designed and manufactured by the Egyptian Defense Company International Marathon United Technology Group (IMUT).

Egypt could sell ST 100 4x4 MRAP armored vehicles to United Araba Emirates 925 001
ST-100 4x4 MRAP Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles at EDEX defense exhibition in Egypt. December 2018. (Picture source Army Recognition)

According to Youssri al-Nemr, chairman of the Armed Vehicles Maintenance and Production Factory, Egypt has already sent ST-100 4x4 MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles to United Arab Emirates (UAE) to perform trial tests in the desert. We expect to sign a first export contract with the UAE in the next few months.

The ST-100 is a wheeled armored vehicle in the category of MRAP manufactured by the Egyptian Company International Marathon United Technology Group (IMUT). They were developed in South Africa in 2016 by SASKA, which was owned by an Egyptian businessman. The company was moved to Egypt in 2018 and rebranded as IMUT in partnership with the Egyptian military.

The 4×4 ST-100 has a curb weight of 14 500 kg and payload of 3 500 kg. It is available in many different variants, including command and control, ambulance, patrol, 81 mm mortar, anti-tank (with six missiles), explosive ordnance disposal, communications and 107 mm rocket launcher. Optional extras include a soft-kill active protection system, sniper detection system, battle management system and remote weapon station.

Standard seating for the ST-100 is driver, commander and three crewmembers in the patrol version and eight in the attack and intervention version. The vehicle has a double cab pickup layout, with four side doors and a rear door, although it does come with two side doors as well in the armored personnel carrier version. The ST-100  is motorized with a Cummins ILS 8.9 liter diesel engine developing 450 hp and giving a top speed of 100-115 km/h and range of 700 km.

Egypt would like to develop its military industries and become a full arms producer and exporter by 2030. In December 2018, Egypt has launched a new defense exhibition called EDEX to increase the visibility of its defense industry and create a new international window to promote local defense and security industries.

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