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Raytheon ELCAN unveils new reflex rifle sight for land forces.

| 2018

Raytheon has developed the ELCAN Specter close quarters sight that allows ground troops to more quickly identify targets and make better decisions. The new reflex rifle sight features a large window and LED technology that provide soldiers with a sharper image.

Raytheon ELCAN unveils new reflex rifle sight for land forces
The ELCAN Specter TR 1-3-9x Tri-FOV military weapon sight maximizes combat effectiveness by providing close quarter, mid-range and long-range engagement (Picture source: Raytheon)

Designed specifically for use in close quarters, the new sight uses large high transmission windows, allowing users to keep both eyes open for increased situational awareness. "Soldiers who use this new sight will immediately see a much clearer and less grainy image. That's especially important when used with a magnifier," said Dan Pettry, product manager for Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies rifle sights.

The 1XL reflex sight offers multiple reticle options, with the ability to switch from red dot or red dot with circle patterns without compromising image quality, delivered in a lightweight package. "Raytheon ELCAN designed the Specter 1XL sight with ruggedness in mind, based on years of experience building the toughest sights in today's military market," said Wolf Glage, vice president of engineering at Raytheon ELCAN. The ELCAN Specter 1XL CQS, the newest addition to the company's reflex sights line, is being evaluated by several allied armies.


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