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IAG Jaws 4x4 APC and Guardian Xtreme 4x4 MRAP at Eurosatory 2018.

| 2018

At Eurosatory 2018, the International Land and Airland Defense & Security Exhibition in Paris (France), International Armored Group (IAG), one of the largest privately owned armored vehicle manufacturers in the world presents its Jaws 4x4 light protected vehicle and the Guardian Xtreme 4x4 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicle.

IAG Jaws 4x4 APC and Guardian Xtreme 4x4 MRAP at Eurosatory 2018 925 001
IAG booth at Eurosatory 2018 (Picture source Army Recognition)

With the increased demand for lighter, more maneuverable&faster tactical armored vehicles offering higher level of protection, IAG explored an opportunity to expand its worldwide platforms and has recently inaugurated its manufacturing facility in Bulgaria to ensure fast and smooth product deliveries specifically to European region. The new state of the art Bulgarian facility has the capability to manufacture 30 vehicles per month and is primarily focused on manufacturing & delivery of tactical vehicles to meet substantial requirements of Military & Law Enforcement Agencies while maintaining the same standard of craftsmanship’s and quality assurance on all of the vehicles bearing the IAG logo. At Eurosatory 2018, IAG is proud to showcase two of their tactical armored vehicles which are manufactured at its new Bulgarian facility.

IAG Jaws 4x4 APC and Guardian Xtreme 4x4 MRAP at Eurosatory 2018 925 003
Guardian Extreme 4x4 MRAP at Eurosatory 2018 (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Guardian Armored Personnel Carrier is a well-known, proven platform currently deployed in various theaters around the globe. One of the newest members of the Guardian line-up is the Guardian Xtreme Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles. The Guardian Xtreme is available in 4x4 and 6x6 and LHD and RHD configurations with standard STANAG LevelII blast and ballistic protection including the engine bay. It can be armored up to STANAG Level III protection using add-on light weight armor.

The Guardian Xtreme has a V-hull shaped floor to provide superior blast protection and a custom made heavy duty 12,000lbs front axle to provide additional payload.The Guardian Xtreme is specifically designed to meet combat, tactical and surveillance missions and can quickly respond to remote area threats due to its high maneuverability. It can sit up to 10-12 fully geared infantry personnel including driver and commander and is equipped with military grade certified blast attenuationseats. Optional accessories can be integrated which include automatic remote control weapon station, thermal imaging surveillance camera systems, grenade launchers, black out lights and much more.

IAG Jaws 4x4 APC and Guardian Xtreme 4x4 MRAP at Eurosatory 2018 925 002
Jaws 4x4 protected vehicle at Eurosatory 2018 (Picture source Army Recognition)

The second  APC solution presented by IAG at Eurosatory 2018,  is the JAWS Armored Personnel Carrier. The JAWS is a tactical vehicle specifically designed and engineered to meet the requirements of a high mobility, light weight armored vehicle for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

The JAWS APC can be used by SWAT team, and performs patrol and escort missions. With a range of configurations available from RHD (Right Hand Drive), LHD (Left Hand Drive), petrol or diesel engines, manual or automatic transmissions, the Jaws is one of the most versatile APCs offered by IAG. Additionally, its level of protection can vary from CEN B4/NIJ Level III-A to CEN B7/NIJ Level IV offering protection against firing of small arms 7.62mm caliber. The Jaws can accommodate up to 10 fully geared personnel while providing ample room for weapons and ammunition storage.

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