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Dutch defense agreements with NATO, EUR 5 billion more on defense spending.

| 2018

Five agreements were passed with NATO at the last summit held in Brussels on 11 and 12 July 2018.

Dutch defense agreements with NATO USD 5 billion more on defense spending
Dutch army Fennek reconnaissance vehicle, one of the two ones that took part to the Belgian national day military parade 2018 on 21 July (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Dutch government will look into a possible proportional contribution to a new NATO mission in Iraq later this year. The operation will focus on training and advising the Iraqi armed forces.

Because of the deterioration in the security situation, NATO will adapt its command structure. Changes will include new headquarters in the United States and Germany. The Netherlands will take on 50 of the 1,200 staff positions required.

In order to increase military mobility within Europe, various European countries will take concrete measures before the end of 2019. This will include a robust international network of national points of contact for efficient communication, while there will also be increased focus on military mobility during exercises. It was also agreed to grant diplomatic permission for military transports within 5 days.

Over the coming four years, the Netherlands will spend an additional € 5 billion on defence. The government will also work towards raising its defence spending to the 2% target by 2024.

The Netherlands is prepared to contribute cyber capacity to missions if required and if possible. Cyber aspects increasingly form an integral part of missions and operations.

The Netherlands has signed two documents regarding collectively purchasing ammunition and upgrading unmanned maritime systems with various other countries. These are overarching agreements that do not contain details.


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