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AUSA 2018: Roshel unveils its Senator 4x4 All-Terrain Tactical Vehicle.

| 2018

Roshel Defence Solutions, a North American armored vehicle manufacturer, has officially unveiled its new 4x4 All-Terrain Tactical Vehicle Roshel Senator at the AUSA 2018 Association of United States Army annual meeting and exposition.

Roshel unveils its Senator 4x4 All Terrain Tactical Vehicle at AUSA 2018 Washington DC defense exhibition 925 002
Roshel Senator 4x4 All-Terrain Tactical Vehicle at AUSA 2018, Association of United States Army defense exhibition in Washington D.C., United States. (Picture source Roshel)

The Roshel Senator is fitted with MIL-spec certified ballistic steel and .50 caliber-rated bullet resistant glass capable of withstanding multiple hits, one-piece blastresistant floor, gun ports, escape hatches equipped with a mounted turret system as well as mission specific equipment and modifications. The vehicle comes in various layouts and doorconfigurations
(2-door, 4-door, hydraulic ramp), depending on the mission.

The new design of the Roshel Senator integrates active protection systems that ensure maximum operational efficiency. Due to innovative engineering, along with providing a high level of ballistic protection, the vehicle remains lightweight and responsive and offers increased payload capability. While being able to comfortably transport up to 10-12 fully equipped officers, the Senator Armored Rescue Vehicle features the industry’s shortest wheelbase starting from 130ʺ, which allows it to be highly maneuverable with a turning radius of 17.5’. The Senator’s high ground clearance, fourwheel drive and 6.7L turbo diesel engine provides efficient off-road capabilities for natural disaster operations.

To stay ahead of its competition in its new vehicle, Roshel has developed and implemented a series of innovative tactical solutions, such as integrated Roshel’s CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) system offering a built-in air conditioning and filtration solution, eliminating the need for personal gas masks in the fully insulated vehicle; explosive gas detection system with the capability to detect and measure toxic and explosive gases; highly accurate radiation detection system; Mil-spec heavy-duty electric winch; IED blast seats; and emergency and convoy lighting package. The vehicle also features advanced built-in observation, surveillance and security systems including a high-resolution camera with a thermal imager and long-range infrared projector, and 360-degree security cameras installed around the perimeter of the vehicle along with the two-way communication system. All collected tactical data can be transmitted through the encrypted channel to the command control centre.

Recently, the Senator Armored Rescue Vehicle has successfully undergone extensive ballistic and operational testing against most common Special Response and Tactical Teams’ requirements, including steerability, stability, braking capability, tilt table strengths and others. The Roshel’s vehicle is based on a heavy-duty commercial platform with widely available spare parts to keep its maintenance easy and low-cost.

“With our new Armored All-Terrain Tactical Vehicle, we didn’t want to create just another regular armored truck. We set ourselves a goal to achieve a technical and innovative breakthrough in the field of tactical vehicles. By employing engineering knowhow, innovative design as well as advanced electronic tactical components and security systems, we are now offering the next generation of rescue vehicles for law enforcement community. We have already taken several government orders for the new vehicle, and we are getting lots of interest from our North American and international clients,” says Roman Shimonov, CEO of Roshel Defence Solutions.

Roshel unveils its Senator 4x4 All Terrain Tactical Vehicle at AUSA 2018 Washington DC defense exhibition 925 001

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