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Russian military police will receive 140 Patriot 4x4 patrol vehicles.

| 2017

The Russian military police of the Western Military District will receive 140 specialized UAZ-3163 Patriot patrol vehicles in early 2018, the press service of the district said.

Russian military police will receive 140 Patriot UAZ 3163 4x4 patrol vehicles 925 001
Russian miiltary police UAZ-3163 Patriot vehicle at Army-2017 defense exhibition near Moscow, Russia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

"The new patrol automobiles of the military police are equipped with alarm loudspeakers, color design, automatic engine fire extinguisher, holders for armored vests and bullet-resistant helmets, outside-mounted lifter winch, GLONASS system and a compartment for two detainees," it said.

The full-drive UAZ-3163 Patriots have automatic gearboxes and starting preheaters. The petrol engine has a capacity of 128 HP. The unladen weight is 2.1 tons, the carrying capacity is 0.5 tons. Maximum speed is 150 km/h. The vehicles carry up to nine people.

The new hardware will considerably increase the mobility of military police units and the effectiveness of their missions.

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