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The Estonian company ELI Military Simulations showcases its SWAN III UAV at IDEX 2015.

| 2015


ELI Military Simulations at IDEX 2015
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IDEX 2015
International Defence Exhibition & Conference

22 - 26 February 2015
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
The Estonian company ELI Military Simulations showcases its SWAN III UAV at IDEX 2015
The SWAN III is the third generation UAV platform from ELI Airborne Solutions. The system consists of two main parts - autonomous air vehicle and the human operated ground segment – Ground Control Station. UAV SWAN III is a multi-purpose UAV system that can be used in various scenarios. On ELI's booth at IDEX 2015, a SWAN III is installed on its catapult.
The Estonian company ELI Military Simulations showcases its SWAN III UAV at IDEX 2015 640 001ELI SWAN III UAV  at IDEX 2015

The UAV is powered by an internal combustion engine. Takeoff is performed via pneumatic catapult and the plane lands by deploying its parachute together with inflating the airbag for additional impact dampening. The parachute is automatically released after the plane has landed. The UAV can be operated in various environmental conditions in a wide temperature range (-20°...+50°C). The system is using latest technology to provide high functionality with low pricing.

The main features of the system are:
• Real time video from a gyro-stabilized gimbal (various options are available)
• On-board video recorder
• Roll-compensated digital photo camera
• Fully autonomous flight control including takeoff and landing
• Autonomous mission execution with the option to change all parameters during flight
• In-flight changeable waypoint coordinates, and redirection to any of the waypoints
• Different pre-programmable flight patterns
• Definable actions in case of malfunctions and loss of data link (Return Home, Proceed with Mission, Emergency Landing After Critical Error, etc.)
• Multi-sensor usage
• Fast and easy takeoff by catapult
• Low noise and weak radar visibility

• Controllable navigation lights
• Record geo-referenced video and stills in the Ground Control Station
• Emergency dead reckoning navigation using a compass and estimated wind speed as a backup when GPS fix is lost
• Object tracking and software image stabilization
• Video and imagery analysis
• Geo-referenced view of video and photos
• Image data export to 3rd party tools such as Mosaic and GIS software
• High-efficiency internal combustion engines

The company provides complete integrated UAS solutions which can truly satisfy the challenging requests of its customers in the homeland security domain, from specific command and control equipment, to development of unmanned aircrafts and communication services.
Equipped with visible and/or infrared camera, ELI UAV systems offer high-level image processing capability, real time stabilization, detection and monitoring of target locations.

To see this UAV, visit ELI Military Simulations at IDEX: stand : 04-A22.

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