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British Defence Company Supacat launches a new Special Forces military vehicle the Wildcat 2907111.

| 2011

Defense Industry News - Supacat

Friday, July 29, 2011, 10:37 AM
British Defence Company Supacat launches a new Special Forces vehicle, the Wildcat.
The British Defence Company Supacat is launching a military variant of the Rally Raid proven Wildcat into the worldwide defence market to offer a high performance, off road vehicle for special forces, border patrol, reconnaissance, rapid intervention or strike roles.

Filling a significant gap that currently exists between lightweight and less expensive high mobility platforms such as quad bikes and the heavier, more specialist and well renowned Jackal, the performance on offer with the Wildcat is unrivalled. The teaming of Supacat and QT Services will provide race-bred capability in a fully integrated military variant of the race car at an affordable price. The transfer and modification of an entire UK vehicle from the motorsport Industry into a military role by Supacat is an industry first.

Supacat has partnered with Wildcat Design Authority and manufacturer, QT Services, to deliver a fully integrated military variant of Wildcat 500 DKR, which boasts unrivalled high speed performance in harsh environments for a vehicle in its size and weight class. Supacat is responsible for militarising the vehicle, including systems integration and volume production. A variety of lightweight armour solutions, weapons and communications systems can be fitted to meet each customer's requirements. Supacat will be displaying a militarised variant of Wildcat at DSEi 2011 in Septemberr.

"Wildcat's rugged and high performance profile is an ideal fit with Supacat, given our unrivalled pedigree in high mobility military vehicles with outstanding off road performance, such as Jackal, Coyote and the SPV400", said Jamie Clarke, Sales and Marketing Manager, Supacat. He continued: "Compared to other ‘Modified Off The Shelf' vehicles, the Wildcat is on a different level in terms of performance and durability. It has the race results to prove it can perform in the desert and other environments, it is light and agile yet big enough to carry the sub-systems required on operations. As military vehicles have become heavier and more expensive due to increased protection requirements, we perceive that there is a gap in the market for a platform like the Wildcat. We have a history of successfully using the motorsport industry to enhance our current products, hence Jackal has over 14 motorsport companies in its supply chain. However this is the first time we've taken an entire platform from the racing sector and marketed it into defence. It's very exciting!".

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