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Russian army troops in Chechnya receive R-145BM1 new wheeled armoured command post vehicle 1711111.

| 2011

Defense News - Russia

Thursday, November 17, 2011, 01:30 PM
Russian army troops in Chechnya receive R-145BM1 new wheeled armoured command post vehicle.
Russian army motor-rifle formations deployed in Chechen Republic have received 19 modernized R-145BM1 command-post vehicles built using a BTR-60PB wheeled armoured personnel carrier.

Russian R-145BM1 command post wheeled armoured vehicle

"This vehicle can address command and control tasks at operational-tactical level of command and control while on the move as well as when parked, as an autonomous unit and as part of a communications hub. These models replaced outdated BMP-1KSh," aide to the commander of troops of the Southern Federal District Col Igor Gorbul told Interfax-AVN on Wednesday, November 16, 2011.

The new command post armoured vehicles, he said, are fitted with Glonass terminals and video cameras, which enables them to send information about the location of the vehicle and a battlefield "picture" to the headquarters.

The equipment sends information at high speeds, protects transmitted information against unsanctioned access and provides a high degree of protection against radio-electronic jamming means.


Russian BMP-1KSh Command post tracked armoured vehicle
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