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Russia Russian army will carry out 10 firing of intercontinental ballistic missiles in 2011 030111-6.

| 2011
Defense News - Russia

Monday, January 3, 2011, 15:55 PM

Russian army will carry out 10 firing of intercontinental ballistic missiles in 2011.
The Russian strategic ballistic Troops will carry out ten firings of intercontinental missiles in 2011, announced this January 3rd, 2011, in Moscow a spokesperson of the Russian ministry of Defense, Vadim Koval.

“Ten firings of intercontinental missiles are programmed for 2011 – three firings of missiles RS-12M Topol, four firings of RS-18 and three firings of RS-24 Iars”, indicated the spokesperson.

In 2010, the Russian Troops of strategic ballistic missile fired five intercontinental missiles - a RS-20V Voevoda, two RS-20B Dnepr and twoRS-12M Topol. They are training and shootings tests for checking operationally and performances of the missiles and to prolong their duration of exploitation.

Missile RS-12M Topol (code NATO: SS-25 Sickle) has a range of more than 10.000 km, a weight on takeoff of 45,1 t and is armed with a nuclear warhead of 550 kt. With a great manoeuvrability, discrete and easy to deploy, there exists in mobile and stationary versions.

Missile RS-18 (code NATO: SS-19 Stiletto) has been in service for 33 years. The duration of exploitation of strategic missiles RS-20V and RS-12M Topol is respectively of 23 and 24 years compared with the 10 to 15 years initially envisaged.

The RS-24 (code NATO SS-X-29) is a solid propellant missile with three floors. The first test firing of RS-24 was proceeded in May 2007 since the site of Plessetsk. Its performances were not revealed until now.

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