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Raytheon awarded $58.3 million contract for Patriot Guidance Enhanced Missile-Tactical 2804111.

| 2011
Defense Industry News - Raytheon

Thursday, April 28, 2011, 11:04 AM

Raytheon awarded $58.3 million contract for Patriot Guidance Enhanced Missile-Tactical.
Raytheon Company has been awarded a $58.3 million contract for Patriot Guidance Enhanced Missile-Tactical, or GEM-T, missiles.

The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM), Redstone Arsenal, Ala., issued the contract to upgrade 131 Patriot Advanced Capability-2 missiles to the GEM-T configuration. This is a follow-on contract as part of AMCOM's Patriot missile continuous technology refreshment program initiated in 2000.

"These continuing upgrades speak to the critical role Patriot plays in our 12 partner nations' air and missile defense capabilities," said Sanjay Kapoor, vice president for Patriot Programs at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS). "This cost-effective alternative makes it possible for them to increase their air and missile defense capabilities, using existing Patriot systems."


Guidance Enhanced Missile TBM (GEM-T) is the latest in-production series of the highly successful Raytheon Patriot missile variants available to both U.S. forces and international customers.
The Patriot GEM-T missile upgrades include the replacement of select components that increase reliability and extend the service life of the missile. GEM-T upgrades are ongoing under existing contracts with the U.S. and other Patriot partner nations and are performed at Raytheon's Integrated Air Defense Center in Andover, Mass.

Raytheon IDS is the prime contractor for both domestic and international Patriot Air and Missile Defense Systems and system integrator for Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missiles.

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