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Dassault present at IDEX 2011.

| 2011

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IDEX 2011
International Defence Exhibition & Conference
Abu Dhabi
, United Arab Emirates
20 - 24 February 2011
Rafale Showcased at IDEX 2011

Wednesday, 23 February 2011, 10:10 PM

Rafale showcased at IDEX 2011

Designed to be the sole fighter aircraft in French Air Force and Navy, extremely powerful, highly agile, very discrete, fitted with awesome weapon load which can be simultaneously used for air-combat and surface-attacks during same mission, Rafale demonstrates unique "omnirole" capability combined to accurate tactical situation awareness.

Able to carry heavy payload at very long range, Rafale is suited to perform air-to-air, air-to-ground, attack at sea, and recce missions.

Integrating smart suite of passive / active sensors, AESA radar, integrated optronics, EW, data-link, using data-fusion, Rafale is fully mature, and "combat proven".

With twin-engine, digital terrain following system, stealth concept, Rafale provides high survivability.

At IDEX 2011Dassault Aviation is presenting the Rafale to officials of the UAE Air Force. Visit Rafale International during IDEX on stand 07-B11.


Land or carrier based, requiring reduced logistical footprint, Rafale is suitable for all types of engagement, in coalitions or in full autonomy.

With significant growth potential, Rafale is adaptable to future needs.

Visit Rafale International during IDEX 2011 on stand 07-B11

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