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BAE Systems delivers RG35 RPU for the Canadian TAPV Tactical Armoured Patrol vehicle program 0109111.

| 2011

Defense Industry News - BAE Systems


Thursday, September 1, 2011, 11:08 AM


BAE Systems delivers RG35 RPU for the Canadian TAPV Tactical Armoured Patrol vehicle program

OTTAWA, Canada – BAE Systems has again teamed with Canadian industry to provide the best of Canadian technology and capability as part of their response to the Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) program, with its RG35 RPU (Reconnaissance , Patrol and Utility).

BAE Systems announced teaming agreements with DEW Engineering and Thales Canada during the CANSEC exhibition in Ottawa in June. Today, BAE Systems announces it has signed a teaming agreement with Bluedrop Performance Learning. Bluedrop will provide training support to the DND for the BAE Systems TAPV vehicle fleet. The training element of the teaming agreement will include all operator training for the vehicle system and remote weapon system, including all related maintenance training for the first line support organizations in the Canadian Forces.

“Bluedrop is proud to support the BAE Systems TAPV team in offering the Canadian Forces a new standard of survivability, mobility and fighting capability,” said Allen Dillon, EVP Defence and Aerospace at Bluedrop. “Our aim is focused directly on providing the very best training available to the men and women in uniform, ultimately contributing to their success and safety as they perform their mission.”

Bluedrop would lead and coordinate the training program for TAPV at several operating and support bases in Canada, ensuring the Canadian Forces have the necessary skill to deliver and support the BAE Systems TAPV fleet throughout its lifecycle. The effort includes the design and development of the training framework, materials, aids and simulation devices that will ensure the readiness of Canadian Forces to operate and support a new standard in Combat Vehicles.

“We are confident we have the best solution and the best strategic partnerships to deliver on all aspects of the TAPV program,” said Chris Chambers GM and VP BAE Systems Tactical Wheeled Vehicles. "We are dedicated to continued investment in Canadian industry through all the BAE Systems programs”, added Chambers.

The purpose built RG35 RPU (Reconnaissance, Patrol and Utility) base vehicle, with Thales Canada and DEW Engineering integrated systems, delivers the crucial balance of proven survivability and tactical mobility Canadian troops currently need and will require in the future.

BAE Systems has operated in Canada since 2000. The company has a strong track record in delivering economic benefit by partnering with domestic industries and delivering on offset commitments.

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