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Albania Minister of Defense Mr. Arben Imami speech at the Opening Ceremony of ALMEX Fair.

| 2011
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ALMEX 2011
Albanian Military Exhibition

Tirana, Albania
27 - 29 October 2011
ALMEX 2011: Speech given by Albanian Minister of Defense
Friday, October 28, 2011, 11:52 PM
Albania Minister of Defense Mr. Arben Imami speech at the Opening Ceremony of ALMEX Fair
It is my pleasure to address you on behalf of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces for the Opening Ceremony of the Second International Fair of Defense and Security.

The increasing level of participation and interest by official delegations for this event, serve as indicators confirming the fact that the Security and Defense domain is comprehensive and of a constant dynamic. Despite the central role of the Armed Forces in today’s security environment, many actors and other factors have become present in this every changing situation. The reform priorities of the Armed Forces, the reflection of the global, regional and national environment are a constant dynamic. Realities change, concepts change, technologies change.

With regard to modernization, the Armed Forces have had the support of the government and the Primeminister of Albania. With the aim to increase the operationability of our Armed Forces, one of our short-term and long-term goals (within 2018), is the development of our Armed Forces to increase their operational capabilities through the modernization of vehicles and equipment.

Now, our Ground, Naval and Air Forces stand at a new level of modernization. Let me mention the fact that the modernization of our Ground Forces has been in fulfillment of the peacekeeping or military missions, where focus has been given to the equipment for the infantry soldiers, and tactical communication or command-control but also in armament, etc., while the modernization of the Air Forces has been through multi-role helicopters and new and modern ships for the Naval Forces.

21.6 billion lekë for the modernization of equipment, infrastructure improvements and peacekeeping forces. The 2011 allocated budget is 21 billion 631 million and 500 thousand lekë. For 2012, the government has promised that the budget for the Ministry of Defense will be 24 billion 667 million lekë, while in 2013 it is projected to reach 27 billion lekë.
Albania Defense Minister Arben Imami during his speech at Albanian Military Exhibition ALMEX 2011

Allow me to remind you that this Fair is being organized at a time when more and more NATO is talking about “Smart Defence”. This is a concept which clearly requires a level of coordination between partners, but also within our own environment so as to find intelligent solutions to achieve our priorities with minimum costs. I believe that this event is a way to express this same goal and for this I would like to thank all of those who worked toward this initiative, and especially its organizer Klik Ekspo Group.

I would also like to give a special thank you to all those important international companies and businesses which made this Fair possible. As I mentioned earlier, Albania has started its modernization process for military equipment, not only in the field of Defense, but in other Security fields as well. The goal is to increase our capacities for the protection needs of the Albanian state, but also for our involvement in cooperation missions with our allies. We would have to accept that this dialogue between the Albanian state and companies in the military sector is very new, but it is a business with a future in this country.

Seen from this perspective, this Fair aims to introduce the Albanian Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defense and the other Security institutions in the country, under the light of the modernization processes, the advancements of technology and to the expectations for our Forces with regard to the territorial and collective function of defense and security.

This Fair, besides being an indicator of the achievements and goals for all participating institutions, is at the same time an indicator of the joint interest that all the Defense industries have toward the strengthening of Security.

I would again like to thank the organizer and supporters of this activity, and wish all participans continued success in this initiative.


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