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First delivery Desert Chameleon armored personnel carriers for Kuwait Ministry of Interior 150111-1.

| 2011
Defense Industry News - ADVS

Saturday , January 15, 2011, 11:26 AM

First delivery of the Desert Chameleon armored personnel carriers to the Kuwait Ministry of Interior.
LAKE ORION, Mich. --- Advanced Defense Vehicle Systems (ADVS) announces today the first production delivery of the ADVS 6X6X6 Desert Chameleon armored personnel carriers to the Kuwait Ministry of Interior (KMOI).

ADVS began discussion with the KMOI in 2007 to design a security vehicle able to meet their specific mobility, survivability, and performance requirements. ADVS designed, manufactured, tested, and completed the vehicles for delivery by fall 2010, a less-than three year full development to production timeline duration.

James LeBlanc Sr., founder and CEO of ADVS, stated "the engineering, design and workmanship of these ten-person vehicles will provide the capability desired by the Kuwaiti government to effectively complete missions in challenging environments on desert sand and extreme temperature conditions and to safely maneuver in heavily populated areas."

Under this program, SupplyCore, a leader in supply chain management and distribution of tactical vehicle spare parts, assisted in the procurement and supply chain management of production and aftermarket parts for the ADVS 6X6X6 Desert Chameleon. In addition, True North Logistics, a Michigan based logistics firm, assisted with the distribution and management of vehicle parts during vehicle production.

ADVS specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing defense vehicles for current and future requirements of the military, homeland defense, and national security markets. ADVS and their principles have been working with the U.S. and international governments for over 40 years in the development of security and tactical vehicles. ADVS also provides program management, field service, logistics, training, manual support, and spare parts for tactical vehicles. ADVS' innovative vehicle product features plus extensive experience contributes highly to mission efficiency and increased survivability.

SupplyCore helps the armed services and the DLA improve their supply chain performance and eliminate waste while providing superior service to the warfighter. SupplyCore has spent over twenty years streamlining and improving its technological processes and its supply chain, which translates into more efficient purchasing for the federal government.

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