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Victory Day Parade 2010 09 may pictures photos military Russia Russian army Moscow video images.

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Russian Military Victory Day Parade 09 May 2010 in Moscow
Victory Day Parade 2010 09 may military Russia Russian army Moscow soldiers armoured vehicle tanks missile system Red Square


General Information
The Russian army Moscow Military Victory Parade of 2010 will be held the 09 May 2010, on the Victory Day on the 65th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War ending in the defeat of Nazi Germany. This is the largest military parade in Russia. More than 130 helicopters and aircrafts will used and the newest ICBM missiles, as the the Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile, will be seen. Also this will be the first parade that include military units from other countries. France, Britain, United States and the Soviet Union's major allies in World War II, will take part in the parade
Event name and Date
The Victory Day parade, 09 May 2010.
Moscow, Russia


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