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ISDEF 2010
4th International Israel Defence Exhibition

18 - 20 October 2010
TRM - Tactical Throwable Robot

Tuesday, 19 October 2010, 22:45 PM

The Polish Defense Industry at ISDEF 2010 with the new TRM- Tactical Throwable Robot.

At ISDEF 2010, PIAP the Polish Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements presents his new product, the TRM - Tactical Throwable Robot. TRM is a small, robotic device designed for delivering support in applications aiding in anti-terrorist operations. The TRM has been created in response to the threats experienced during the area reconnaissance carried out by special forces units before engaging into action.

PIAP TRM - Tactical Throwable Robot

The TRM is composed of a pipe-shaped body which houeses a camera and a microphone. The drive capability is supplied by two elastic, rubber wheels which are located on each side of the robot. The TRM can be thrown into a structure or into the area of operation into open ground from a significant distance and steered by a remote control in order to perform an inspection of the area. The TRM construction is designed to withstand impact from a high altitude.

The TRM can be thrown into a structure or into the area of operation
The TRM may be equipped with additional supporting devices such as : flash, bang or explosive charges as well as additional light sources for the camera. This allow for the TRM's use in neutralizing of explosive charges by pyrotechnical / sapper units or creating of a distraction and panic among the enemy attackers. The TRM may also be used by firefighters in order to search victims of fires in smoke-filled areas.


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