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New North-Korean artillery firing and new joint military exercises United States South Korea.

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Defense News - South Korea

Thursday , 9 December 2010, 10:15 AM

New North-Korean artillery firing, and new joint military exercises United States - South Korea.
According to information of South Korean television, new explosions would have been heard this December 8th, 2010, near the border with the North Korea. They would be artillery shootings of the North-Koreans armed forces carried out within the framework of exercises. The tension between the two countries continuous to go up after the incidents of November 23rd, 2010, which had made four died on the South Korean side.
Video source Euronews

The South Korean soldiers confirmed that new joint military operations between the United States and South Korea would be carried out in the next months. The US government which support South Korea continues to maintain force demonstration in the region.

Large Military exercises were carried out between the United States and Japan. The US government aims to dissuade the North Korea to further go in the escalation of violence.


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