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BAE Systems displays its broad protection capabilities at SOFEX 2010 open office to Jordan.

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SOFEX 2010
International Special Forces Operations

Exhibition & Conference

Amman, Jordan
10 - 13 May 2010
BAE Systems at SOFEX 2010
Friday , 13 May 2010, 22:15
BAE Systems displays its broad protection capabilities at SOFEX 2010
BAE Systems, the global defence, security and aerospace company, will be displaying a variety of high technology products at SOFEX exhibition in Jordan. The stand will feature the Company’s Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) vehicle, its Armoured Chevrolet Suburban and Eclipse body armour products.

FMTV truck BAE Systems during dynamic demonstration at SOFEX 2010
The company has produced its FMTVs for 18 years. To date over 60,000 of these trucks and trailers have been delivered and are in service with the US armed forces. Jordanian Forces (Air Force and Army) have operated FMTVs since 2004 and enjoy the same comprehensive training and support package that BAE Systems offers to all of its customers.

FMTVs have been adapted to provide reliable, trouble-free operation in the region’s hot, dry and dusty environment. Examples of these engineering changes include:
• upgraded cooling system and air conditioning option
• increased armouring for extra protection against IED threats
• chassis and tire upgrades to accommodate the extra armour

BAE Systems is the largest supplier of armoured commercial vehicles to the United States Government and will be displaying its protection and survivability capability. BAE Systems has produced several customized commercial armoured vehicles for Heads of State, Government leaders and other dignitaries throughout the Middle East and Europe.

In showcasing its protection capabilities, BAE Systems will also exhibit its Eclipse product line, featuring the popular Modular Vest Programme (MVP). This is becoming increasingly recognised as the most scalable body armour programme in the market. The Eclipse line is durable, lightweight and ultra versatile for all personnel protection equipment needs. Since the initial Iraq deployment, BAE Systems has produced more than 500,000 sets of troop protection equipment for America’s servicemen and women.

BAE Systems will also exhibit the iKlwa fighting vehicle model, which incorporates elements of the battle-proven Ratel infantry combat vehicle, currently in service in Jordan. For existing Ratel users, the iKlwa conversion produces the most modern fighting and defence vehicle in its class.

A model of the CV90 infantry fighting vehicle will also be on display. The vehicle has been continuously developed to meet today’s threat scenario and has gained a major leap in capability with each new customer. More than 1000 vehicles have been delivered to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland and Holland. CV90 is available in many different variants and with 30, 35 and 40mm weapons.

BAE Systems to open an office to Jordan
BAE Systems is to open an office in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to support its ongoing business with the Jordanian Armed Forces and collaborative activities with the King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau (KADDB).

The office will complement the network of offices the company operates across the region and will be used as the focal point for business in Jordan and neighbouring countries. The office is expected to be fully operational by the end of the year and will be developed in line with legal and regulatory requirements of the Kingdom and according to developing business prospects.

Jeff McCray, Regional Vice President Africa and Near East, commented:

"This move underlines our commitment to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and developing business prospects in the region."

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