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Rosoboronexport at SOFEX 2010 with the most advanced Russian russia weapons and military equipment.

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SOFEX 2010
International Special Forces Operations

Exhibition & Conference

Amman, Jordan
10 - 13 May 2010
Rosoboronexport at SOFEX 2010
Friday , 13 May 2010, 23:19
Rosoboronexport at SOFEX 2010 with the most advanced weapons and equipment.
The Russian federal state unitary enterprise (FSUE) “Rosoboronexport” brings the most advanced items of Russian special-purpose weapons and equipment to SOFEX 2010. Russia has been traditionally participating in SOFEX events at the Marka airbase since 2002 with its national expositions set up under the aegis of Rosoboronexport. The Middle East is seeing by Rosoboronexport as one of the most promising arms markets with bright prospects for establishing closer and deeper military-technical cooperation. Russia has traditionally maintained friendly relations with Jordan, the host country, as is evidenced by continuous bilateral contacts at high level. A number of items on display at SOFEX 2010 have been developed with due account of the vast experience that Russia gained in its anti-terrorism operations. Nowadays most of these weapons and devices are used by special-operations units of the Russian Ministry of Interior and Federal Security Service, allowing them to effectively counter emerging threats. It must be emphasized that Russian special-purpose weapons offered for delivery by Rosoboronexport are manufactured in small batches and transferred under stringent control practically denying chances of their falling into the hands of terrorists.
Among the exhibits one will find legendary Kalashnikov assault rifles of the hundredth series : AK-101, AK-102, AK-103, AK-104 models, its AK-74M and AKMS upgrades, AN-94 Nikonov assault rifle as well as the 7.62 mm RPK and Pecheneg machine guns and 12.7 mm 6P50 infantry heavy machine gun. The 5.45 mm PSM and 9 mm PMM pistols as well Yarygin self-loading pistol are considered to be ideal weapons for close quarters battle.

aAN-94 Nikonov Assault rifle
The Russian exposition will also showcase the RPG-7V1 and RPG-29 hand-held antitank grenade launchers, AGS-30 automatic grenade launchers, Metis-M1 and Kornet-E antitank guided missile systems, as well RPO-A, RPO-D and RPO-Z infantry rocket flame-throwers.

RPO-A infantry rocket flame-throwers
Another exhibit is the DP-65 remotely-controlled grenade launcher system designed to protect against underwater saboteurs both military and civil installations, such as offshore oil production platforms and terminals. It range of fire goes from 50 to 500 m, with the fuse set to a given depth. The Russian-made Eleron-3 and Eleron-10 remote surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV’s) will also showcased at the exhibition. The UAV’s can be deployed to conduct real-time surveillance over designated targets in given areas.

Eleron-10 UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Moreover, SOFEX 2010 exhibition provides Rosoboronexport with the opportunity of presenting other types of Russian arms and military equipment offered for export. During SOFEX 2010 some specialists of Russian defense companies gave detailed briefing on the Mi-35M, Ka-52 and Mi-17Sh helicopters, T-90U main battle tank with its new 45M integrated fire control, upgraded ZU-23/ZOM1 anti-aircraft gun system, and Igla-S man-portable air defence missile system.

Ka-52 Combat Helicopter
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