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Sofex 2008 Special Forces Operations Exhibition Show daily news pictures.

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SOFEX 2008 Special Operations Forces Defence Exhibition and Conference
31 March - 03 April 2008
About Sofex  
SOFEX Exhibition History

SOFEX is the premier international exhibition and conference that features the largest fully-integrated Special Operations Forces equipment and solutions in the world. Bringing together the world’s leading counter terrorism and homeland security manufacturers with high-ranking defense officials and government decision makers, SOFEX is a unique global gathering for showcasing the latest counter terrorism and homeland security solutions to combat today’s ever increasing security challenges.

An outstanding venue, boasting a broad range of state of the art facilities, SOFEX is the world’s fastest growing Special Operations, Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism exhibition and conference, firmly establishing itself as one of the most important events on the defense industry calendar for doing business, as well as forging solid partnerships among market leaders and industry specialists in counter terrorism and homeland security.

The SOFEX 2008

The 7th edition of the SOFEX series will be held at the King Abdullah I Airbase located near Amman in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The event is held under the Patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, who will be launching the activities of SOFEX 2008 supported by the Jordan Armed Forces.

SOFEX 2008 is expected to surpass all previous editions of the SOFEX series in terms of participants and exhibitors. Building on the huge success of SOFEX 2006 – in which approximately 7,500 participants from 75 countries took part, as well as approximately 300 exhibitors, 44 foreign military delegations and more than 285 government and military VIPs - SOFEX 2008 has already attracted a substantial amount of interest with a number of representatives for major national pavilions having expressed their intent to expand their participation for the next edition. SOFEX 2008 is a four-day event that kicks off with a one day conference program comprising of a series of comprehensive and topical seminars delivered by key military officials and defense manufacturers from around the world, tackling a wide range of issues pertinent to current counter terrorism and homeland security issues.

A dialogue among leading professionals and experts from around the world will analyze current Special Operations needs, the global Homeland security climate and the rapidly changing global security threats of the world today. They will exchange their views, share their successes and set backs and propose Field proven solutions. It will provide an ideal opportunity for defense industry suppliers from around the world to engage in strategic discussions with key decision makers as well as showcase their latest solutions. Exhibitors from Australia, China, Germany, France, India, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates , United Kingdom and the United States of America, and the are expected to have around 50 delegates present at SOFEX 2008.

Sofex 2008 Official Site

Visit the oficial site about the SOFEX 2008 to have more information ( Visitors, Exhibitors, etc ...)

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Program Sofex 2008 Back Menu  
Monday 31 March 2008

08:30 - 09:30
09 :30
09 :30 - 09:40
09 :45 - 10:00
10 :00 - 11:15
11:30 - 12:45
13:00 - 14:15
14:15 - 15:15
15 :15 -15:45

Conference Registration and Morning Coffee
Arrival of H.M. King Abdullah II (or a representative)
Opening Remarks & Brief Welcome
Keynote Speech
Session One
Session Two
Session Three
Conference Luncheon & Closing Remarks
SOFEX 2008 Press Conference


Tuesday 01 April 2008

10:30 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:30
12:30 - 13:00
13:00 - 14:00
15:15 - 15:30
15:30 - 16:00
20:00 - 22:00

Opens – VIP Day
Opening Ceremony
Royal Tour of the Halls
SOF Demonstration and Free Fall Parachuting
Official Luncheon (by invitation only)
Royal Falcons Display
Ground/Air Mobility and Tactical Displays
Exhibition Closes
SOFEX Reception TBC

Wednesday 02 April 2008

10 :30 -11:30
13 :00 -14:00
14 :00 -15:00 15 :15 -15:30
20:00 - 23:00

Exhibition opens – Trade Day
Ground/Air Mobility and Tactical Displays
Official Luncheon (by invitation only)
Small Caliber Live Firing at Ranges
Royal Falcons Display
Exhibition Closes
Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony at Le Royal Hotel (by invitation only) transportation is available from and to the venue


Thursday 03 April 2008

10 :30 - 11:30
13 :00 - 14:00
14 :00 - 15:30
15 :45 - 16:00

Exhibition Opens – Trade Day
Ground/Air Mobility, Tactical Displays & Free Fall Parachuting
Official Luncheon (by invitation only)
Small Caliber Live Firing at Marka Ranges
Royal Falcons Display
SOFEX 2006 Exhibition Closes


Daily News SOFEX 2008 Menu  
Industry News  
Update 05 April 2008

The Sofex 2008, Daily news 05 April 2008
See the daily news information and pictures about new defence technologies show during the SOFEX 2008.

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Sofex 2008 News  
Update 05 April 2008

The Sofex 2008, Daily News 05 April 2008
See the daily news information and pictures about new defence technologies show during the SOFEX 2008.

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News from SOFEX Back Menu  
International and Jordanian Manufacturers Confirm Increased Participation at SOFEX 2008
Around 70 Countries to be represented at SOFEX 2008 from March 31st-April 3rd.
Amman, February 7th, 2008 – Under the Patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the supervision of HRH Prince Feisal Bin Al Hussein and the support of the Jordanian Armed Forces, SOFEX 2008 will welcome the largest number of international defense manufacturers in the history of the SOFEX series, with around 70 countries represented, many of which have significantly increased exhibition space requirements for their national pavilions.
The increased demand for exhibition space at SOFEX 2008 further demonstrates the value and importance acquired by SOFEX and its exclusive focus on special operations forces and homeland security and thus has led to countries such as Turkey confirming an increase in their participation by 900% and the USA by over 50% compared to their presence at SOFEX 2006
A number of other countries will also be expanding their participation, with Germany having confirmed it will be doubling its pavilion space, whilst China will be increasing its representation at SOFEX 2008 by approximately five fold and Jordanian participation will be increased by a remarkable 300%. SOFEX 2008 will also be introducing several first time participants such as Greece, Finland, Korea and Slovakia, whilst Italy will have a presence as a country pavilion for the first time
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Defense News and the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis to Organize “Middle East Special Operations Commanders Conference” at SOFEX 2008
Amman, January 20th, 2008 – The official SOFEX 2008 Conference, which will be held on March 31st at Le Royal Hotel in Amman, will be organized by the leading international defense trade newsweekly, Defense News, in association with the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis INEGMA.
The SOFEX 2008 “Middle East Special Operations Commanders Conference” is expected to attract 500 high ranking decision makers from the regional and international defense community for a one day conference on the current global issues and trends concerning Special Operations and Homeland Security. The SOFEX 2008 exhibition will commence the following day at the King Abdullah I Airbase in Marka, from April 1st - April 3rd.
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Jane's Information Group to Produce the Official Show Daily for SOFEX 2008
Amman, January 13th, 2008 – SOFEX 2008, the leading Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference, has appointed Jane’s Information Group to publish the official Show Daily for the 7th edition of the SOFEX series that is taking place in Amman, Jordan from March 31st until April 1st. Jane’s Information Group, the world’s leading open source provider of news and information regarding defence, security, public safety, transport and law enforcement will be providing the 9,000 or so participants expected at SOFEX 2008 with a bilingual Show Daily featuring the major developments from the conference and exhibition.
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Highest Number of Participants confirmed as Final Preparations underway for Sofex 2006 Expanded and Upgraded Facilities at Sofex 2006
Amman, Feb. 20th, 2006 – Sofex 2006 is in the final stages of preparation, with just over a month to go before the world’s leading manufacturers of special operations and homeland security equipment converge on Amman, Jordan for the kick off of the exhibition on March 27th. With a whole range of upgraded and expanded facilities, and the highest number of confirmed exhibitors in its history, the six in the series aims to re-enforce Sofex as the most important event on the counter terrorism calendar.
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His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Al-Hussein attends Sofex 2006 presentation for Military & Defence Attaches in Jordan
Sofex 2006 Reinforces position as the premiere Special Operations Forces and Counter Terrorism event in the World
Amman, 26th December, 2005 – Sofex 2006, The Special Operations Forces Exhibition & Conference, invited the Military and Defence Attachés from a number of regional and foreign embassies in Jordan to attend a special presentation about the upcoming addition to Sofex series of events, which will be held at the King Abdullah Airbase in Marka, on March 27th-30th 2006.
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12th December 2005, Amman – Mr Amer Tabbah, Managing Director of Sofex 2006, has announced that a record number of participants are expected to attend the 6th in the series of Special Operations Forces Exhibitions and Conferences taking place at the Marka Airbase near Amman in March 2006. Following on from a number of promotional tours in the UK, Turkey, Poland and UAE, Sofex are expecting their largest number of participants in next year's exhibition with over 42 countries expected to be present from all over the world
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Pictures Sofex 2008 Back Menu  
During the SOFEX 2008 Special Operations Forces Defence Exhibition, see every day from the 01 April to the 05 April 2008, pictures gallery from photographs report make by the team of Army Recognition magazine.
The pictures gallery about SOFEX 2008 update 05 April 2008
SOFEX 2008 Pictures  

The pictures gallery about the SOFEX 2008.
Pictures gallery 05 April 2008
The Dynamic Demonstration
Army Recognition Worldwide Land Forces magazine

SOFEX 2008 Pictures  

The pictures gallery about the SOFEX 2008.
Pictures gallery 05 April 2008
The Dynamic Demonstration
Army Recognition Worldwide Land Forces magazine

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