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TR6000 low band frequency transceiver from Saab Systems Grintek South Africa Defence industry UK.

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Indo Defence 2010
4Th Indonesia Tri Service Defence & Aerospace Exhibition

Jakarta , Indonesia
10 - 13 November 2010
Saab Systems Grintek at IndoDefence 2010

Wednesday, 10 November 2010, 18:58 PM

The TR6000 low band frequency transceiver from Saab Systems Grintek.
Saab Grintek Technologies is a leading empowerment technology group based in South Africa and recognised globally for its innovative high tech electronics, with a focus on ICT and energy management, logistics support and global connectivity services. Saab Grintek Technologie present TR6000, a low band frequency hopping VHF transceiver designed to meet the requirements of the modern digital battlefield.

Saab Systems Grintek (SSG) specializes in providing tactical (on-the-move) communication products and systems for secure voice and data communications for military and security forces.

In its home market (South Africa), SSG is the de facto supplier of the past, current and future generations of HF radio equipment, the IVCS signal distribution systems for fighting vehicles and the data communication products and networks for all the armed forces. SSG’s international clients are mostly from the Armed Forces in the Far-East, Pacific-East and Africa, as well as UN peacekeeping forces.

The SSG value proposition for its clients is based on: value-for-money, customization to suit the needs of its clients, long term support and flexible contracting models. SSG products have been tailored to suit the harsh environments, communication link security requirements and user skills levels of its clients.

SSG currently has three high-tech product families in production. The first is a family of land, air and sea tactical HF and VHF radios (known collectively as the Grintek radio family). The second is a suite of signal distribution systems for armored vehicles, troop carriers and boats, ideally suited for applications where weight, standardization, EMC, flexible interfaces and low profiles are important (Harness range). The third product family is a series of voice and data communication interface devices for use in thin and medium bandwidth tactical radio networks. It also includes the Link-ZA tactical data communications protocol and client-specific variations.

The TR2000 and TR2400 are small, lightweight, frequency agile man pack HF transceivers. The TR2000 is an easy-to-use radio aimed primarily for long range reconnaissance patrol. The TR2400 can be used as a manpack, vehicle and base radio station.
A 24V/100W topology with co-location filter for multiple radio installations on a single vehicle. An optional terminal caters for extended full remote control over multi-pair or single pair cables and also acts as a message entry terminal.
A lightweight VHF (with air-band) transceiver with built-in voice / data, crypto and ECCM and a full set of peripherals including Li-Ion batteries, battery chargers and antennas.


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