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Pskov Russian army Russia airborne troopers undergo field combat training video.

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Russian army airborne troops

Thursday , 01 April 2010, 18:16 PM

Russian army of Russia airborne units troopers’ field combat training (Ria Novosti)
Pskov Russian army airborne troopers undergo field training on a fitness trail, similar to ones used by Western units. The two kilometer trail is equipped with a variety of obstacles to prepare troopers to operate in many situations: from mountain tops to cities.
The climbing wall is one of the trail’s obstacles. Troopers can learn to climb, to repel and to get beyond acrophobia. A soldier must climb the 15 meter wall in silence and then kill the enemy.
The kill house is a sort of labyrinth where targets hide around corners. The troopers move in groups of three: two attackers and one to cover the rear.
The soldiers must run the training course in less than two hours.

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