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Russia's Kurganets-25 and Bumerang infantry fighting vehicles to get new diesel engines 22009163 TASS.

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Russia's Kurganets-25 and Bumerang infantry fighting vehicles to get new diesel engines
The newest Kurganets-25 and Bumerang (Boomerang) infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) developed by the Tractor Plants Concern and the Military Industrial Company, respectively will get new diesel engines, according to a source in the Russian defense industry.
Russia Kurganets 25 and Bumerang infantry fighting vehicles to get new diesel engines 640 001A K-17 Bumerang armored infantry fighting vehicle
(Credit: Vitaly V. Kuzmin)
"The YaMZ-780 diesel engine developed by the Yaroslavl Motor-Building Plant [a subsidiary of the GAZ Group] has already been installed on the Kurganets-25 IFV. At present, the updated vehicle is successfully passing the relevant trials. We have tested YaMZ-780 at the test rig, and the engine has confirmed its highest performance. The maneuver capabilities of the Kurganets-25 IFVs will be increased in a drastic manner," the source said. He did not specify the terms of the works. The BMP-2 and BMP-3 IFVs are powered by UTD20S1 (300 h.p.) and UTD29 (500 h.p.) diesel engines, he reminded.

The source added that the original power output of the YaMZ-780 engine (1,000 h.p.) had been intentionally reduced in order to meet the terms of reference issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD). "The Yaroslavl Motor-Building Plant has reduced the YaMZ-780 power output upon the MoD`s requests. It can be increased to 900-1,100 h.p. any day of the week. We have integrated a backup control system, a backup air start system, and a preheater with the motor in order to shore up its reliability," the source said.

The YaMZ-780 6-cylinder diesel engine was unveiled at the Army 2016 military-technical forum held outside Moscow in September 2016. According to the official specifications provided by the Yaroslavl Motor-Building Plant, it has a liter capacity of 12.6 l, a rated power output of 750 h.p., a rated engine speed of 2,300 rpm, a maximum torque of 260 kgf/m, a speed at maximum torque of 1,600 rpm, a specific fuel consumption of 165 g/hr/h.p., a base weight of 1,050 kg, a length of 1,274 mm, a width of 850 mm, a height of 1,334 mm, and a service life of 2,500 hours. The YaMZ-780 diesel engine is intended for cross-country vehicles.
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