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Roxel MSPO 2010 artillery munitions rockets anti-tank cruise missiles guided bombs France French.

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MSPO 2010 , Kielce, Poland
18th International Defence Industry Exhibition

06 - 09 September 2010
Roxel at MSPO 2010

Thursday , 09 September 2010, 10:05 AM

ROXEL is a world leader in Intensitive Munition technologie.
ROXEL is the European leader in the field of tactical and an expert in the design, development, industrialisation and marketing of all types of motors for tactical and cruise weapon systems worldwide. The Group consists of ROXEL S.A.S, the holding company, and its wholly owned operating companies: ROXEL UK (formerly RORM) in the United Kingdom and ROXEL France (formerly CELERG) in France.

ROXEL is an expert in the design, development, industrialisation and marketing of all types ofmotors for tactical and cruiseweapon systems worldwide.
ROXEL provides all the designers andmanufacturers of missiles, rockets and other types of tactical weapons with the appropriate response to their requirements regarding the propulsion of their new systems and the performance upgrading of their systems in operation. ROXEL can offer the best solutions, based on the most advanced technologies, for ramjet, hypervelocity and variable-thrustmotors, also to meet high agility and low signature level requirements.


Polish MRLS Multiple Rocket Launcher System on truck Star 1466 chassis
Roxel of France has developed a new solid-propellant composite rocket motor that increases the range of the 122 mm Grad rocket from 20,380 metres to 41,000 metres. This has been selected by the Polish Land Forces to boost the performance of its Soviet-supplied BM-21 MRLs. At least a portion of the army's 200 or so BM-21 launch units will be transferred from the original Soviet 6 x 6 Rual-375D truck to the Polish-built 6 x 6 Star 1466 chassis. The fully enclosed cab of the new vehicle is able to accommodate the launcher's three crew and three additional personnel.

ROXEL is designing, developing, producing & supporting propulsion systems for:
- Artillery & Air-to-Ground Rockets ;
- Anti-tank, Anti-Ship, Air Defence, Air-to-Air & Cruise Missiles ;
- Guided Bombs ;
- Various other pyromechanisms

ROXEL possesses the highest level of expertise in all technology fields for:
- Chemical parts (extruded double base, cast double base, composite propellant…)
- Mechanical parts (cases (light alloy, steel, filament wound, flow-forming…) & subsystems (thrust vector control, nozzles, blast tubes, ignition devices, IM,stealth).

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