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Panasonic launches the new TOUGHBOOK CF-U1 and CF-31 at Eurosatory 2010 rugged computer laptop.

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Eurosatory 2010 International Land Airland Homeland Defence Week Exhibition 14 - 18 June 2010
Paris - France
Panasonic at Eurosatory 2010
Saturday , 05 June 2010, 14:53
Panasonic launches the new TOUGHBOOK CF-U1 and CF-31 at Eurosatory 2010
Panasonic Toughbook CF-31

Panasonic today launched its new Toughbook CF-31, the flagship product in its ruggedized range. Designed to access applications and data in the most extreme mobile computing environments, the CF-31 is the latest incarnation of the Toughbook, which has been developed through five generations over the past decade.

The CF-31 replaces the CF-30, which has become the fully rugged device of choice for utilities, emergency services and military personnel. And the latest device, which is available in three different models (Value, Standard and Performance) looks set to continue that domination with its increased durability, improved performance and long battery life.

Increased performance
The CF-31 delivers CPU performance twice that of the CF-30 in almost the same sized package. Its desktop-performance computing power is delivered by the Intel® Core i5® with vPro technology in the Performance and Standard models. The devices are designed to take advantage of Intel® Turbo Boost Technology and Intel® Multi-Threading to maximize the performance of the CPU.
The top of the range model also has a switchable graphics capability, allowing users to switch between the enhanced graphics performance of the dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon™ high-end HD 5650 graphic chip, with 512MB dedicated RAM; and the internal Intel® HD graphics, to save power when on the move.

Screen visibility even in direct sunlight
The ability to see data and applications on screen in bright sunlight is essential for field workers. The CF-31 uses Panasonic’s Circular Polarizing technology in its Standard and Performance models to deliver market leading clarity with brightness displays of 1,000 nits and a very low reflection ratio on its touchscreen, 13.1” XGA display. The CF-31 also contains a floating mounted LCD design to protect from screen shocks.

Better than ever reliability and durability
With magnesium alloy casing, inside and out, and Panasonic’s anti-scratch and thermally reflective coatings, the CF-31 is the toughest Toughbook to date. It is MIL-STD 180cm drop tested and has increased water, dust, vibration and temperature protection over the CF-30 giving it an impressive IP65, MIL STD 810G rating. With HDD damping and rugged casing systems to optimise drop protection and an HDD heater and Panasonic’s foam packing system to provide flexible seals, the CF-31 can operate in even the harshest conditions. The CF-31 is equipped with a Hybrid Cooling System combining a passive and active cooling process. In the passive process heat is distributed by pipes from heat critical areas to the cooling hub.

Built to stay connected on the move
To help field engineers stay connected on the move, the CF-31 has an expanded wireless capability with embedded screen-mounted radio antenna offering optimal radio performance over WWAN (optional), WLAN, WIMAX (optional) and Bluetooth. It also includes a dedicated wireless switch allowing users to switch connections on and off to improve operating time.

Flexibility to configure
Adapting to fast changing circumstances is also an essential capability for a field device. The CF-31 has on project basis a built-in configurable additional slot for a 2nd LAN, firewire or modem. New interfaces in the form of 4 USB ports, a HDMI port and optional webcam complete the CF-31 product package.

The power to last
To ensure that field technicians and engineers have a device that can work for as long as they do, even when access to power is lost, the CF-31 Standard model can operate for up to 11.5 hours running on Windows 7. All units also use the Panasonic Power Management Utilities technology to maximize power efficiency by managing the power of all relevant resources required by the CPU for each task. In addition, the CF-31 runs on Panasonic’s own high-capacity battery cells designed to deliver maximum device performance and

Compatibility that counts
To ensure existing customers can continue to use the peripheral equipment, the CF-31 is compatible with the CF-30 and CF-29 car mounts and other peripherals such as screen protectors, docking stations and batteries from the previous generation.

Backed by outstanding service
Every Toughbook comes with a 3-year warranty covering hardware failures for systems used as designed; with a 48-hour repair commitment and a 5-year spare parts guarantee.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1

Panasonic today launched its revolutionary 3-in-1 identity checking solution designed for mobile border control, policing and security forces. The Person Identification Mini Dock (PIMD) includes an OCR and RFID Reader as well as Fingerprint Scanner and connects to the Toughbook CF-U1 ultra mobile PC device. A lighter 2-in-1 version without the fingerprint scanner is also available.

Compact, rugged and lightweight, the PIMD is ideal for mobile workers, such as border control personal, who need to check identities whilst on the move. It is equipped with the best components from the leading manufacturers in mobile identification, including DESKO™, Dermalog™ and HID Global™. The PIMD is a co-development from Panasonic and DESKO in a rugged case with MIL-STD and IP certification. It also delivers the highest security standards with separate power management and a standby mode.

DESKO-designed OCR Reader for Passports and ID cards
The DESKO-designed OCR ID document reader checks 2 and 3 line passports and ID documents to ICAO 9303 standard. It uses OCR swipe technology with a small and compact micro OCR camera for mobile passport reading at a speed of 72-90 characters per half second. Reading errors are low as a result of DESKO’s proven algorithm reading support software. The device is easy to use with a high optical picture quality of 400dpi.

HID Global RFID Module
The integrated HID Global RFID module with its user-friendly, document holding clip and standard PC-SC interface to support biometric reading is ideal for reading biometric passports or ID cards and other RF documents (i.e. Mifare type a/b). It is one of the fastest RFID modules on the market, with transfer rates up to 848kbps, and is designed for outside use with its RF Board coated to provide a high level of water protection. The module supports Basic and Extended Access Control and complies with ICAO 9303, ISO 14443 and
ISO 15693 standards. The RF board follows BSI standards for biometric passport reading.

Market-leading Fingerprint Reader
The Dermalog high quality optical fingerprint reader has the ability to identify fingerprints from the living and dead, as well as fake plastic fingerprints. Unlike many devices, the module is able to capture accurate readings when fingerprints are rolled onto the reader from right to left or left to right. Images are easy to view on a 24x16mm display at a resolution of 500dpi. The module creates a small image memory size for easy processing, with a raw image size of 150kb and a compressed file at just 18kb. The module is BSI and FIPS certified.

CF-U1 ultra mobile PC device

Combined with the CF-U1, data from the PIMD can be immediately processed by the device operating system or via an optional WWAN, which can synchronise live with data held on a central server. A full-function operating system (Windows® XP or Windows Vista®) makes the CF-U1 the perfect fit as all captured ID-Information can be directly processed on an office-like platform by the fully ruggedized Toughbook CF-U1 which maximizes functionality and connectivity in a compact size with extreme durability. Data can be input through either the keyboard, or with a pen or finger on the 5.6-inch touchscreen which is viewable even in direct sunlight. With the WSVGA resolution (1024 x 600), 2GB of memory, a 64GB solidstate hard drive and an energy efficient 1.6 GHz Intel® Atom CPU, the CF-U1 provides optimal battery-performance balance. While the standard WLAN and Bluetooth deliver the latest wireless technologies, the optional integrated HSDPA, GPS and other applicationspecific modules make the CF-U1 together with the PMID the perfect “Mobile Personal Identifier Solution” even in the most demanding working conditions.

Backed by outstanding service
Every PIMD comes with a 2-year warranty covering hardware failures for systems used as designed; with a 96-hour total turnaround time commitment and a 5-year spare parts guarantee.

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