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PT Pacific Aman Garda at Indodefence 2010 new IDP Tactical Beam from Indonesian Company Pacific Aman.

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Indo Defence 2010
4Th Indonesia Tri Service Defence & Aerospace Exhibition

Jakarta , Indonesia
10 - 13 November 2010
PT. Pacific Aman Garda at IndoDefence 2010

Wednesday, 10 November 2010, 17:03 PM

The new IDP Tactical Beam from Indonesian Company Pacific Aman Garda.
The IDP Tactical Beam is a weapon-mounted LED flashlight with a laser sight. Offers adjustable mounting flexibility that can accommodate the Glock or Picatinny (1913) accessory rails featured on a wide variety of firearms.
For a laser mounted below or to the side of the bore, there is only one distance where the bullet path will coincide with the laser sight line, this point is the "zero range". Laser adjustment and the muzzle velocity of the bullet determine where this point occurs. The user must decide how high above or below the sight line the bullet can be allowed to strike and adjust the sight accordingly. At distances less than the zero range the bullet will be above the sight line. Beyond the zero range the bullet will be the sight line.
If mounted to the side, the bullet will also deviate to the side of the laser line, as well as up and down. In practice, an IDP Tactical Beam TB on a handgun can be adjusted to keep the bullet strike within about "2 high and 2 low" out to about 100 feet.
The IDP Tactical Beam TB laser sights use 2 CR-123 (6V) batteries. The CR-123's negative and positive pole has been indicated on the mount.
DANGER: DO NOT use anything other than a CR-123 battery or rechargeable batteries with this product.
To access the battery compartment you must first remove the flashlight from the firearm. Follow the battery removal procedure instructions below.

1. Unclip the door latch, the latch is tight, it may help to use a coin.
2. Slip the batteries from the flashlight.
3. Insert the new batteries observing polarity. Note: The flashlight is
polarity protected and will not light if the batteries are inserted incorrectly.
4. Hold the battery switch/door at an angle and place the small tab on the
bottom of the battery/door switch into the slot in the flashlight body.
5. Firmly push and hold the door closed against the flashlight body.
6. Swing the door latch over the door and snap it into place.


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