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Next-generation uncooled thermal camera core announced by FLIR Systems 42004162.

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Next-generation uncooled thermal camera core announced by FLIR Systems
FLIR Systems has launched into the market the next-generation, high-performance thermal camera core. Named Boson, the new camera is the smallest, lightest and least-power consuming uncooled thermal camera, destined for original equipment manufacturers.
Next generation uncooled thermal camera core announced by FLIR Systems
FLIR's Boson camera core (Photo: FLIR Systems)

With a size between Tau and Lepton, FLIR’s other camera cores, Boson incorporates a vision processor running FLIR XIR expandable infrared video processing architecture. It also features a 12-micron pixel pitch detector, which offers high-resolution thermal imaging in  a small package.

Boson also allows for several levels of video processing, with inputs and processing for other sensors including visible CMOS imaging sensors, GPS and IMU. As for the original equipment manufacturers, FLIR XIR offers a suite of advanced image processing features, including, super resolution algorithms, sophisticated noise reduction filters, local area contrast enhancement and image blending.

The came core offers the widest range of features and lens choices for the customers, with 320x256 and 640x512 formats, with 15 field-of-view-options. Boson also supports common interfaces for displays, storage devices and data communication. OEMs can also leverage FLIR's Solution Accelerator to develop product solutions for key market verticals including firefighting, automotive, maritime, hunting, UAS, and military.

Andy Teich, FLIR’s President and CEO, said: “Boson represents a significant advancement in size, weight, power and cost for small high-performance microbolometer-based cameras. As the market demand for affordable and smaller sized camera cores strengthens, we continue to drive technical breakthroughs that enable high performance sensing at lower costs to produce. We're excited to introduce Boson into our family of cores and to offer a broader range of configuration options to OEMs that will help them expedite development and lower their cost-to-market."



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