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Meggitt to debut FATS 100e virtual training system in Europe at ITEC 2016 42004163.

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Meggitt to debut FATS 100e virtual training system in Europe at ITEC 2016
At the ITEC 2016 exhibition, taking place between the 17th and 19th of May 2016 in London, Meggitt Training Systems will unveil the FATS® 100e virtual training system for the first time in Europe, after its release at the end of 2015. The system was developed to meet current and future requirements in small arms training.
Meggitt to debut FATS 100e virtual training system in Europe at ITEC 2016
The new FATS 100e virtual training system (Photo: Meggitt Training Systems)

The FATS 100e is an evolution of the FATS M100, introducing new features such as the Crytek-based 3D marksmanship, which provides visually realistic and highly detailed terrains and targets. These are depicted in various weather conditions and effects, such as birds flying, explosions, dirt splashes etc. In addition, the system features the automatic coaching and VBS3-based collective training. It is the first time the automatic coaching is available in a small-arms training system, while VBS3 is totally new in this kind of systems.

According to Larry Raines, VP of Virtual Systems at Meggitt Training Systems, “Training requirements and budgetary challenges are becoming more rigorous. The new and enhanced FATS 100e system offers cutting-edge training solutions that will be invaluable to our customers, and we’re proud to be demonstrating the system’s capabilities at ITEC.”

From its part, Winn Hines, Director of Virtual Systems Sales, said: “FATS 100e offers unmatched training advancements based upon solutions to US Army and US Marine Corps instructional requirements. The technological developments we’ll be showcasing at ITEC 2016 will meet the needs of combat forces worldwide.”



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