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Recent award of a contract for Jeep from the US Tank Automotive Command to supply Jeep J8 Uruguayan.

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010, 15:27 PM

Recent award of a contract for Jeep from the US Tank Automotive Command (TACOM) to supply Jeep J8 Troop Carrier to Uruguayan military contingent in Haiti.
Jeep® Government and Military Sales announced on October 25, 2010 at the AUSA defense show in Washington, DC, the award of a US Department of State contract under the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI) for a fleet of J8 Troop Carriers for deployment with the Uruguayan contingent to the UN Mission in Haiti.
Jeep Government and Military Sales (JGMS) announced on the opening day of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Exhibition being held in Washington DC the recent award of a contract from the US Tank Automotive Command (TACOM) for the supply of an undisclosed number of the Jeep J8 Troop Carrier. The contract will be funded from the US Department of State’s Global Peace Operations Initiative. The fleets of vehicles are to be delivered to the Uruguayan military contingent deployed in support of the UN Mission in Haiti. The contract value including spares and in-theatre training is for an undisclosed sum and delivery is to be completed by mid December 2010.
‘This is a very important contract for us’, said Andrew Jankel, Chairman of Jeep Government and Military Sales. ‘It represents a series of ‘firsts’ for JGMS: our first volume sale of our new Troop Carrier; our first sale to the US Government; and the first deployment of the J8 in support of UN operations. These vehicles will be built and supplied from within the United States, so maximizing the benefit to the domestic auto industry. We are immensely proud that this superb vehicle has been selected for such a demanding and high profile role. We hope it represents the first of many similar sales as currently we are in advanced discussions with a number of other military users for similar utility fleet requirements.’
The Jeep J8 is a new American vehicle, evolved from the Wrangler series, but significantly altered by Jeep Engineering and JGMS to create a reliable and highly capable off-road, light utility, platform offering outstanding payload, endurance and performance. The Jeep J8 solution comprises a family of rugged and cost-effective J8 4x4 vehicles optimized for a variety of military and homeland security missions and, as such, is offered as a replacement for light utility fleets in military and government service worldwide. Durable, affordable and easily maintained, the Jeep J8 features enhanced payload and towing capability while offering very high levels of commonality between variants thus facilitating ease of training and logistic support.
The Jeep J8 Troop Carrier is intended to form the backbone of the military light utility fleet and shares all the qualities present in the J8 family of vehicles. Based on the 3-door J8, the Troop Carrier is fitted with a robust tubular rollover protection system integrated onto the vehicle chassis. This permits structural flexing when operating over rough terrain, enhances passenger protection and increases passenger and cargo space. The resulting raised roofline enables the J8 Troop Carrier to seat comfortably the driver, vehicle commander (front passenger) and up to six passengers. With these seats folded or removed, the rear compartment can accommodate a standard NATO pallet or other cargo.


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