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ISDEF 2010
4th International Israel Defence Exhibition

18 - 20 October 2010

ISDEF 2010 Israel Defence Exhibition
ISDEF Previous edition

TAR Ideal Concepts Ltd, ISDEF's organizer, chose to put together the first ISDEF Exhibition after a local exhibition meant for the defence industry had been cancelled multiple years in a row. TAR recognized the importance of such an exhibition to open up opportunities for potential business in the Israeli market and took the initiative.

The first ISDEF Exhibition was more of a small gathering of companies. Nevertheless, their success prompted a request for an additional exhibition the following year. 2008's numbers more than doubled those of the first exhibition in 2007. Last year, in 2009, we saw the numbers double yet again!

ISDEF 2009 was a great success and resulted in business deals and collaborations for its exhibitors. Again, for the fourth year in a row, ISDEF projects to double its numbers in both exhibitors and visitors in 2010!

ISDEF 2009 – Success in Numbers
- Over 2000 visitors
- Representatives from 40 countries
- 65 leading exhibitors from 12 different countries (70% of them foreign)

Three Full Days
- Dozens of representatives and key figures from Israeli government offices
- Senior procurement and officers from the IDF, Israeli Police and Prisons Authority
- Extended presence from foreign embassies in Israel – including ambassadors, military and commercial attachés, etc.
- Dozens of local and international media representatives

ISDEF 2010

Army Recognition, the Online Worldwide Land Forces Defence Magazine is selected by ISDEF organizers as official media parner and online show news daily ISDEF 2010.

Welcome to ISDEF 2010
ISDEF 2010 incorporates the entire Israeli defence community and is aimed at promoting business cooperation on both the local and international scale.

ISDEF is the largest annual opportunity for players in the defence industry to meet with top level procurement, research and development executives from Israel and abroad.

It is an opportunity for manufacturers to meet with clients, to create business bridges, to feel the status of the market and to see, hear and sense current leading trends in defence technologies.

ISDEF focuses on pinpointing the highest quality and relevant security and defence companies. Substantial efforts are invested in planning the event and the interaction between exhibitors and visitors, so as to create impressive and high quality presentations while focusing on commercial activity and increasing the potential for more business transactions and partnerships.

The ISDEF 2010 - Israel Defence Exhibition is the leading defence event in the Israeli defence industry, serving Military and Police forces as well as the Prisons Authority.
Now in its fourth year, the event has advanced to the next level, not only professionally but also in that it provides a comprehensive experience as a result of extensive investment in exhibition hall facilities, booths design, networking area, central exhibition and demonstration stage and many additional innovations

During the three full days of the event, exhibitors will be able to enjoy the following advantages:
1. Exposure to business opportunities with potential local and international markets and customers.
2. A source of quality business leads and promotion of local and international business deals and collaborations.
3. Unique opportunity to conduct business meetings with potential buyers for offset deals in Israel.
4. An innovative networking system allows participants to schedule their business meetings for the event in advance.
5. Exposure to Israeli and foreign defence and security media channels.
6. Live demonstrations of products and technologies.
7. A chance to view and try out the latest developments in the defence industry.

Download brochure ISDEF 2010 to this link

ISDEF 2010 Official Site

Visit the oficial site about the ISDEF 2010 to have more information ( Visitors, Exhibitors, etc ...)
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DAY 1, Monday 18 October 2010

11:00 - 18:00

Not yet available
DAY 2, Tuesday 19 October 2010

09:00 - 18:00

Not yet available
DAY 3, Wednesday 20 October 2010

09:00 - 17:00

Not yet available
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Industry News
ISDEF 2010 News
Update 21 October 2010
Update 21 October 2010

Official Online Show Daily News ISDEF 2010
from 20 October 2010

Official Online Show Daily News ISDEF 2010
from 20 October 2010

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Army Recognition selected as the Official Online Show News Daily ISDEF 2010
The website Army Recognition is now one of the most visited defense web site, with more than 20,000 visitors per day. The organizers of the defense exhibition ISDEF 2010 recognize today the value and the quality of Army Recognition team. With its notoriety and its number of visitors, the website Army Recognition is an international media to communicate and promote the worldwide defense industry. Army Recognition website is now selected by ISDEF 2010, as Official Online Show News daily. Follow the activities of Defence Exhibition MSPO 2010, with news,photographs reports and video to Army Recognition world online defense magazine.
Homeland Security Conference Cooperates with ISDEF 2010
In recent news, we are pleased to announce that the Homeland Security Conference is now going to be working in cooperation with ISDEF 2010!!
The HLS Conference is devoted to the presentation of trends, innovations and applications in this field, with an emphasis on designated electronic systems. This conference will address observation, photography and monitoring systems, algorithms and tools for information extraction, target identification and surveillance, facial feature identification, remote sensing of explosives, communication traffic control, state of the art sensors and communication networks.
Delegations from India confirm arrival at ISDEF 2010
As the exhibition is fast approaching, we are pleased to update everyone on a number of international delegations that have confirmed their arrival to ISDEF 2010!
Among the delegations are representatives from the Maharashtra (India) Police, andlarge group of representatives from 18 Indian defence and security companies. The delegations have already expressed interest in creating business contacts and cooperation in areas such as micro UAVs, armament fuses, turbine generators for powering fuses, permanent and floating G switches, rugged avionics grade power supplies, night vision devices and more.
Apart from the Indian delegation, ISDEF will be hosting a delegation from the Moldovan Army (former member of the Soviet Union), heads of defence companies from Russia and Slovakia as well as government representatives from Nigeria and company representatives from Australia(under the SA Chamber of Commerce).

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ISDEF 2010 International Israel Defence Exhibition
Pictures ISDEF 2010 available update 21 October 2010
Video ISDEF 2010 live demonstration Israel International Defense Exhibition
ISDEF 2010 Pictures
ISDEF 2010 Pictures

Pictures gallery ISDEF 2010
Pictures ISDEF 2010
4Th International Israel Defence Exhibition
from Army Recognition
Worldwide Defense Magazine
18 - 19- 20 October 2010

Pictures gallery ISDEF 2010
Pictures ISDEF 2010
4Th International Israel Defence Exhibition
from Army Recognition
Worldwide Defense Magazine
18 - 19 - 20 October 2010

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