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The Army Recognition vehicle and equipment data sheet
A. Why we created the Army Recognition site

We created Army Recognition with an aim of giving to all defence companies and military people the possibility of still identifying and of recognizing the various military equipment of the worldwide military land forces in use today. - A whole range of army world wide news, general army news, promoting your defense products and more. All information on our website.
The Army Recognition web site is a source of reference for defence companies, ministry of defence, military units and all the people who need information of worldwide military equipment, military vehicle and defence products.
The principal objective of the Army Recognition site, is to give qualities photographs and giving rights information to all our visitors.
A single source on the level of the photographic documentation and information of the worldwide military land forces equipment and vehicle.

B. You will find on the site of Army Recognition
On this free part you will be able to reach pages containing a description, an identification and many photographs on the military equipment of the ground forces (armoured vehicles, weapons, uniforms etc) used today and that for many countries. For this part it is not necessary to have an access code. Written documentation and the photographs of this part are free of personal use. However a written authorization must be introduced near the persons in charge for the Army Recognition site because some photographs come from other sites and are protected by a copyright.
C. What contains the free pages
For each type of equipment, you will find a page which is divided into four part. A description part, which contains the history and the origin of manufacture of the equipment like some technical data. An identification part, which contains a blueprint of the vehicle in the form of drawing, and also a physical description of the equipment. A detail part to be observed which contain four photographs, a front view, back, left side and right side. For each part, I definite the outstanding points which make it possible to identify the vehicle. And the last part, a photographs gallery, which for us is the greatest part. From each page, you have a tool machine for translation located on the left side of the page, which makes it possible to translate the pages into English, Russian and German.
D. How the equipment are classified
All the equipment is classified by country and for each country, we divided the equipment into 8 categories. The categories are, the main battle tank, the light armoured with wheels and tracks, the vehicles with wheels, the vehicles with missiles, the artillery vehicles, the helicopters, the light and heavy weapons and the uniforms. For some countries all the categories are not complete, we make regularly updates to complete the Army Recognition site
E. How to browse
Use the menu on the left side of this page who contains the name of the continents to browse in the countries and see all the equipment use by each world countries.

You can use also the search menu


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