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Iveco Defence Vehicles at Eurosatory 2010 with new vehicles technology LMV Superav 8x8 MPV Medium.

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Eurosatory 2010 International Land Airland Homeland Defence Week Exhibition 14 - 18 June 2010
Paris - France
Iveco Defence Vehicles at Eurosatory 2010
Thursday , 29 April 2010, 16:08
Iveco Defence Vehicles at Eurosatory 2010 with many new products and vehicles

Eurosatory 2010 Preview

Eurosatory 2010 (14-18 June 2010) provides Iveco Defence Vehicles with the opportunity to acquaint both existing customers and other visitors with the most recent developments in our product range.

Taking pride of place on the stand at Eurosatory will be our new 8 x 8 amphibious vehicle, the SUPERAV. Designed by our engineers in Bolzano to meet an identified need for an airportable medium AFV capable of operating up to Sea State 3, SUPERAV is available in a number of variants, all based on a common hull design and drive train. The vehicle can also be equipped with a turret mounting a cannon of up to 30mm calibre.

SUPERAV 8x8 Amphibious armoured vehicle

The new 4x4 Medium Protected Vehicle (MPV) will also be on display. A wholly European development, the MPV design exploits the technical expertise of two of the major European armoured vehicle manufacturers, Iveco DV and Krauss- Maffei Wegmann (KMW) of Germany. A formal co-operation agreement between the two companies was signed in June.

MPV 4x4 Medium Protected Vehicle

Iveco is also delighted to be able to exhibit four examples of its innovative development of existing product lines to meet evolving operational requirements. The first of these is the continuing work to develop our successful LMV design to further increase its utility. Three variants are on display:
• A long wheel base, long cab version with an increased GVW, payload and capacity and further improved internal ergonomic layout
• A long wheel base, short cab version fitted with a lightweight loadbed designed and manufactured by Marshall Specialist Vehicle
• An evolution of the LMV after request of the Italian Army for a specific variant providing, among others, increased protection.

LMV Pick-up

All of these variants are designed to meet the growing need for Protected Utility vehicles, recognising the particular demands of asymmetric warfare. Iveco has two further developments which aim to meet the demands of providing logistic support in demanding and hostile conditions. Of great interest to a wide variety of countries is the Trakker chassis mounting a ballistic steel protected cab. The outstanding mobility and reliability of the well proven Trakker, combined with the industry leading protection levels provided by the cab, provides a rugged, highly survivable logistic capability with the potential for deployment in even the most demanding operational conditions. The 8 x 8 vehicle being exhibited is a water tanker currently in service with the Bundeswehr.
In parallel with this development of the Trakker based highly cost and operationally effective COTS protected logistic vehicle, Iveco has also further developed its military special High Mobility range, produced by Iveco’s Astra plant. Available in 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 configurations, the range now features a newly developed protected cab.
This uses a composite appliqué system which can be mounted on the purpose designed base cab, ensuring that the vehicle provides the crew with the maximum flexibility in providing trade-offs between protection and payload. All of these vehicles are on display at the Iveco Stand, number D501.

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