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Eurenco MSPO 2010 Cast Plastic Bonded eXplosive propellants combustible items insensitive munitions.

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MSPO 2010 , Kielce, Poland
18th International Defence Industry Exhibition

06 - 09 September 2010
Eurenco at MSPO 2010

Wednesday , 08 September 2010, 16:05 PM

Eurenco, world leader in the field of Cast Plastic Bonded eXplosive (PBX) charges.
Uncontested world leader in the field of Cast Plastic Bonded eXplosive (PBX) charges, with more than 40 years of experience, EURENCO offers a wide range of Cast PBX solutions for Air, Naval and Land Forces applications: missile warheads, general purpose and penetrator bombs, underwater weapons, mortar, tank and artillery shells, grenades, etc.

Charges for Insensitive Munitions:
Nowadays, standards of warfare mandate the use of Insensitive Munitions, less vulnerable to accidental or intentional stimuli. Faced with this technological challenge, and in order to meet the Armed Forces’ new requirements for personnel and combat platform safety, EURENCO I.M. Department developed a range of Cast PBX charges for Insensitive Munitions. The best industrial solution for all I.M., they bring significant advantages: Increased Life Duration - no more cracks or exudations; Safer handling - no more fatal accidents involving ammunition; Low Life Cycle Cost - improved safety in logistics, no maintenance.
In addition to standard manufacturing processes for Cast PBX charges, EURENCO developed and patented a unique revolutionary process, called the “bi-component process”, for volume production and loading of mortar, tank and artillery shells.

Reactive armour kits:
Both designer and manufacturer, EURENCO also develops ERA add-on tiles to meet the Armed Forces’ new challenges. The missions of armoured vehicles as defensive or interposition forces in urban operations make them increasingly vulnerable targets, and require their enhanced protection. Based on Cast PBX technology, EURENCO Reactive Armour Kits are extremely efficient against RPG’s and AP projectiles.
Base Bleed Grains:
EURENCO’s range of activities also covers the development and production of base bleed grains. By reducing the drag of the shell during the ballistic trajectory, base bleed components answer to modern artillery system requirements for extended range ammunition. Using an exclusive pressing technology, EURENCO’s base bleed units are adaptable to all types of shells and
Demolition explosives :
EURENCO also manufactures plastic explosives in different packages for all types of demolition, cutting and breaching operations. A new range, based on Cast PBX technology, provides low vulnerability, excellent thermal behaviour and enhanced performance. Selected in September 2009 as the preferred bidder by the UK Ministry of Defence, EURENCO was awarded a contract in April 2010, for the supply of the new British plastic explosive -PE7- which will progressively replace the former PE4.

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