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Dutch company High Eye presents its new HEF 30 unmanned helicopter during DSA 32004162.

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The 15Th Defence Services Asia
Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
18 - 21 April 2016
DSA 2016 - High Eye
Dutch company High Eye presents its new HEF 30 unmanned helicopter during DSA
The HEF 30 is a fuel-driven unmanned helicopter, designed by the Dutch UAV manufacturer High Eye. It is currently the most compact industrial grade VTOL UAV on the market. At a maximum take-off weight of 21 kg, it can carry more than 5 litres of petrol and payloads up to 5 kg.
Dutch company High Eye presents its new HEF 30 unmanned helicopter during DSA 640 001HEF 30 unmanned helicopter

The HEF 30 offers flight times of more than 3.5 hours, even when carrying heavy payloads or during operations in harsh environments. The system is fully automatic, rated for demanding weather conditions and prepared for controlled airspace integration.

Live HD video, infrared and other data can be received up to 50 kilometres from the ground control station. The autopilot is always in control and makes the system completely automatic. Take-off, landing and navigation is initiated and performed by the simple press of a button.

Military components and technology make the HEF 30 truly water and dust proof. Protection against salt-water corrosion allows operations in maritime environments and makes it an all-weather machine. Rotor blades are specially protected against abrasion by dust and sand.

All electronics are shielded from electro-magnetical interference. Because of its rugged design and compact size, the HEF 30 can be transported in the back of an estate car with ease.


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