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MSPO 2010 dressing room medical team on battlefield container tent system role 1 Poland polish army.

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MSPO 2010 , Kielce, Poland
18th International Defence Industry Exhibition

06 - 09 September 2010
Military medical dressing room at MSPO 2010

Wednesday , 08 September 2010, 22:05 PM

The support medical, a vital importance for the soldier on the battle field.

At the defense exhibition MSPO 2010, the Polish army presents its last medical acquisition as regards support on the battle field, with its dressing room for medical team, installed in a combined system of tents and container. Dressing room is to provide adequate standards of medical care during military operations. This dressing room meets the military healthcare standards for medical field facilities in the multinational medical support system in operations.

This Role 1 medical field facility is based on 20-feet container with attached tent system, with short deployment time, meeting the requirements of modern battlefield. It provides Role 1 medical support even in extreme environmental conditions, including WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) factors. The dressing room is to be the main equipment of Role 1 Medical Team (from the Medical Support Group at brigade/regiment level) and provides a comfortable working environment for medical personnel as well high level of care using the highest-quality modern medical equipment and appliances.
The dressing room is equipped with: power generators providing self sustainability at field for 12 hours; electro-filter ventilation system and positive pressure installation (to provide protection in WMD factors environment).

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