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Czech company MEDIAP presents its combat and emergency food rations during IDET 2015 20051532.

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IDET 2015
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International Defence & Security Technologies Fair
19 - 21 May 2015
Brno, Czech Republic
Czech company MEDIAP presents its combat and emergency food rations during IDET 2015
At IDET 2015, International Defence and Security Technologies Fair in Brno, Czech Republic, MEDIAP company is presenting its solutions for ration packs developed combat, emergency or humanitarian situations.
Czech company MEDIAP presents its combat and emergency food rations during IDET 2015MEDIAP's booth at IDET 2015

Food rations are developed with an aim to meet complete daily/8-hour nutrition needs of individuals in environments where standard food cannot be supplied by common means, for example in natural disasters, war conflicts, in humanitarian crises etc. The advantage of the food rations is that they can be used as part of emergency relief programmes on the UN level. The rations can provide catering for humanitarian team members and their technical crew all around the world.

The food ration contains basic food in composition that they covers the daily energy and nutrional needs of an individual exposed to heavy physical and mental loads. The food ration components can be combined, if needed, while the total nutritional and caloric values remains unchanged.

To meet military needs, MEDIAP has create to ration packs: the individual meal ready to eat (IMRE) and the combat food ration.

IMRE includes components ready to eat in an outdoor environment. No need to warm up the meals (Meal Ready to Eat). The ration covers an 8-hour nutritional need allowing maximum physical activity while preventing energy deficit. The caloric value of the ration is around 690 kcal for a weight of 550 g. Different tastes are available (chicken, beef, pork, fish) and some preparations meet are vegan or Halal-certified.

Combat food ration has been developed especially for universal military use. It meets military quality requirements for conserved food rations. It is fully compatible with food rations used by NATO forces and may be used not only during military alerts or war situation, but also during natural disasters or other operations.

MEDIAP also produces Humanitarian package that contains selected basic components and special aids that are designed to be distributed to people seriously affected by emergency situations (floods, earthquakes, war conflicts, etc.).The kit provides immediate emergency relief, without need of further assistance. In addition, the humanitarian aid kit includes 0.5 l of drinking water ready to use. Individual components of the kit are stored in a portable plastic container with a safety lid, which is designed as a measuring container that can be also used for preparation of drinking water.

To see some of the products of MEDIAP, visit hall P, stand n°059 at IDET.


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