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DVD 2010
International Exhibition Defence Equipment and Support's

Millbrook, United Kingdom
23 - 24 June 2010
Future soldier of British Army at DVD 2010
Thursday , 24 June 2010, 14:25PM
The new soldier combat uniforms and individual equipment of British army
Armed with the latest technology, this the face of the new British army soldier. Personnel in Afghanistan operate across a wide range of environments - desert, woodland/jungle, compounds, crops, grassland and arid stone. They frequently move through environments during their patrols, and often go through several in the course of one operation - but existing camouflages are optimized for single environments. An MOD Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) was authorized in April, and a programme of research has taken place since then to compare in-service camouflages with newly developed patterns and commercial off-the-shelf products.
A wide range of camouflages and colours were trialled, in the UK, Cyprus, Kenya and Afghanistan. The trials included visual comparisons, objective assessments of the time to detect the different camouflages against different backgrounds, and subjective user opinions on the efficacy of the performance. Crye's Multicam technology was found to be the best performing across the widest range of environments by a significant margin - reducing the chance of detection in mixed environments - and it was selected as the new UK camouflage. It will be known as Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP).

Glasses: Tinted plastic offering protectionfrom flying debris and ultra-violet rays
Helmet: Ear protectors to shield from explosion but allows human voices to be heard clearly. It has a mouth protector and side-mounted torches.

Body armor: Includes a fragmentation Jacket with ballistic plates designed to stop armour-piercing rounds
Lewis Sharpshooter rifle: Semi-automatic rifle, firing 7.62 mm rounds. Effective at distance of 750 m
Combat uniform: The multi-terrain pattern is effective in both desert and wooded reegions.
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