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ALMEX 2010
Albanian Military Exhibition

Tirana, Albania
28 - 30 October 2010
The First Defence and Security Exhibition in Albania

Thursday, 27 October 2010, 23:57 PM

Klik Ekspo Group presents for the first time, the Defence and Security Exhibition in Albania.
In the heart of the capital Tirana, international and local defence companies presents the latest technologies and innovations from the defence and security sector. ALMEX 2010 is the first defence and security in Albania, which has be design has as a top-event that promotes a newly-restructured, all -professional Albanian Armed Forces, as partner with equal right within the Alliance. With EU membership, Albania is promoting its potential in becoming a secure ally for the Euro-Atlantic community and beyond, on matters of International Defence and Security.

During the first day at the Albania Defence and Security ALMEX 2010, the visitors and exhibitors could attend several demonstrations of the Albanian armed forces, and more particularly of the Special forces. ALMEX it's real time demonstration including shooting ranges and instruction, tactical combat demonstration, live demonstration of weapons, vehicles, communications equipment, combat simulations and a variety of military equipment.


At 17:00 PM local time October 28, 2010, the Albanian ministry of defense, and several personalities of the government and armed forces inaugurated the opening of the 1Th Albanian exhibition of defense and safety, which will be held from October 28th to 30th 2010. Albania joined NATO in 2009, and is in the obligation to modernize its army, with new vehicles, armaments and individual equipment. Currently, the Albanian army uses vehicles going back to several years from Chinese and Russian production of old technology. It was a long way of direct efforts and contributions of the Albanian Government led by Prime Minister Proof. Dr. Sali Berisha, to bring Albania more willing than ever to the NATO Summit in Strasbourg-Kehl, April 2010, the event that baptized Albania a full member of the Alliance.
In this era of remarkable successes for the Albanian Government, arose the project of ALMEX, Albanian Military Exhibition. Within this framework, defense and security exhibition ALMEX is a true opportunity for the international defense and security industry to presenting their last products and innovations, create new market and offering their products and services to accelerate the modernization of the Albanian army.

Video ALMEX 2010 Live Demonstration and Opening Ceremony


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