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Poland wants to show its modernization in the world of the defense industry at ALMEX 2010.

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ALMEX 2010
Albanian Military Exhibition

Tirana, Albania
28 - 30 October 2010
Polish Defense Industry at ALMEX 2010

Friday, 29 October 2010, 23:07 PM

Poland wants to show its modernization in the world of the defense industry at ALMEX 2010.
Poland already showed since long time its modern industrial capacities in the world of the defence industry. With a representation of more than 11 companies to the Albanian MIlitary Defence Exhibition, ALMEX 2010, Poland shows its capacities thus required the last equipment and services to meet the needs for the modern armies with the constraints imposed by NATO on its members, which is the case for Albania which has just recently joined the Alliance.
OBR CTM S.A. is a Polish Naval Research & Development Centre located in Gdynia. It does research, development, design and experimental works to develop and implement modern solutions in the field of naval technologies as well as in the field concerned with national security and defence
The "Jakusz" company was set up in 1985 - its origins however reach back to forties last century when te father of the present owner was occupying with the production and repairing of safes.The safes and the treasuries produced by the Company has revolutionized the market and were used in bank of many countries. Activity of the Company is based on Polish capital.

PIAP, Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements, is a pioneer in the area of mobile robots in Eastern Europe and is also a unique producer of high qualitry mobile robots for counter-terrorism in Poland.

WB Electronics is the leading systems integrator and supplier for specialized electronics and communications equipment for command & Control applications in Land Forces


Alfa Limited is a military and defense products import-export company established in 1992, which conducts its activities in environment of polish army and law enforcement structures, Polish defense industry and selected international partners. The company provides wide spectrum bof products from basic combat-proven tactical equipment to advanced high-tech technologies, which change the reality during counter-terrorist operations.
Alumare Ltd from the beginning raised on development and spread out aluminium construction unit, which achieves significant success. Moreover, the Company expeditiouslyè improves the quality of its work to become an international competition on the aluminium construction market.
Lubawa SA, established in 1951, is the largest manufacturer of armoured solutions in Poland and one of the leading supplier of personal protection solutions to the Polish Ministry of National Defence, Special Forces and Law Enforcement Forces.
Miranda is a modern producer of high quality, technologically advanced fabrics, as well as polyester, polyamide and mixed knitted fabrics, and also finished products with unique usable virtues such as e.g. mask coverings of the Burberry type, applied by the Polish army , recognised as one of the best in the world.
AMZ-KUTNO has been working in the field of special-purpose vehicle construction since 1999. Besides ambulances, AMZ produces many other types of special vehicles like military vehicles, minibuses, money transporters, Police vehicles,, broadcast vans, City Guards, traffic control vehicles, disable people transport, special vehicles for energetic and aqueduct services.
Zaklad Automatyki i Urzadzen Pomiarowych AREX was established in 1989. It has been operating as a commercial company since 2005. AREX designs, tests and manufactures elements of industrial automation, measuring devices, as well as remote supervision diagnostic systems and control systems. We execute investment projects on an all-inclusive basis.
The Company Pojazdy Specjalistyczne Zbigniew Szcz was established in 1992 and is one of leading manufacturers of special-purpose vehicles in Poland now. At the present the Company has 100 employees with very good general professional preparation and skills and experience necessary for the construction of special vehicles. The production plant is equipped with modern stock of machinery, ensuring production of any fire engine or special-purpose vehicle in a way to satisfy fully expectations of a future user.


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