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01-Metravib MSPO 2010 Pilar Pilarw vehicle version Gunshot Detection Systems France French Defense.

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MSPO 2010 , Kielce, Poland
18th International Defence Industry Exhibition

06 - 09 September 2010
01dB-Metravib at MSPO 2010

Monday , 06 September 2010, 22:05 PM

01dB-Metravib, world leader for Gunshot Detection Systems (GDS) at MSPO 2010
01dB-Metravib is the world wide leader for Gunshot Detection Systems (GDS). These situation awareness systems allow automatic detection and accurate localisation of small and medium calibres shots (from 5.56mm up to 30mm and more), as well as RPGs, mortars and anti-tank missiles. Named PILARw, these systems provide real-time alert and display the gunshot origin in grid coordinates allowing to pinpoint the threat.

PILARw Vehicle Version for reconnaissance and convoy protection with unique "on the move" function: shooter position is available as grid coordinates and graphically relative to the heading of the vehicle. This information is updated when the vehicle moves allowing permanent correct information to the crew. In addition, the system provides calibre and range information for prioritisation of the threat.
Coupled with Remote Weapon Stations (RWS), PILARw will allow automatic positioning of the RWS in the direction the shooter. Hence, in case of ambush, PILARw will provide auto-protection of the vehicle and of the convoy, allow evasive action and threat neutralisation. Thanks to accurate real-time information provided, PILARw will save ammunitions and contribute to reduce the stress of the crew.
PILARw can also be linked to a Battlefield Management System (BMS) for friend/foe identification and sharing of the information between vehicles and command.
This system works for all type of land platforms as well as for Fast Patrol Boats.

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Eagle armoured vehicle with PILARw mounted on the top roof.

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