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WDS 2024: Ukraine displays Kvertus AD G-6+ and AD Counter-FPV counter-drone systems.

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At the World Defense Show 2024 (WDS 2024) exhibition in Saudi Arabia, the National Association of Ukrainian Defense Industries (NAUDI) is displaying various counter-drone systems developed by the Ukrainian company Kvertus Technology. These systems encompass the AD G-6+ anti-drone gun and the portable AD Counter-FPV in its backpack variant.
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At the NAUDI stand, visitors can see Kvertus' AD G-6+ anti-drone gun (left), and the portable AD Counter FPV Backpack system (right). (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The AD G-6+, developed by Kvertus Technology, serves as an anti-drone weapon designed for military purposes. Its primary function is to counter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that may pose threats to military installations, civilian areas, and critical infrastructure. Operating within the 5.7-5.9 GHz frequency range, the AD G-6+ has an output power of 90 W, intended to enhance its effectiveness in countering advanced UAVs often encountered in military contexts.

Key features of the AD G-6+ include a UAV blocking range of up to 3.5 km, contingent upon the drone operator's location. It employs white noise as a form of noise interference with a normalized noise disturbance level of 0.8, allowing for variable aerial gain ranging from 8 to 21 dB, depending on the specific operational requirements. The AD G-6+ has a quick warm-up time of just 0.5 seconds, enabling rapid deployment in critical military situations.

Equipped with a 24V 6Ah rechargeable battery for 20 minutes of operation or a 24V 12Ah battery for extended usage lasting up to 40 minutes, the AD G-6+ weights 6 kg, inclusive of the battery, and dimensions of 76.5 x 33.5 x 10 cm. Its interference channels cover remote radio control, GPS navigation, and video data transmission, disrupting the drone's guidance, navigation, and control channels to facilitate a controlled landing. The AD G-6+ anti-drone weapon system complies with electromagnetic field immunity standards and ensures that radio frequency emissions remain within permissible limits, making it suitable for military security and defense applications.

From a military standpoint, the Kvertus AD Counter FPV could serve as a tool for disrupting the operations of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used for surveillance or reconnaissance. This portable system is designed to jam the communication signals of FPV drones, which are commonly employed for tactical reconnaissance. It blocks the 850-940 MHz frequency ranges used by FPV drones, preventing them from transmitting data to their operators within a range of up to 150 meters.

The AD Counter FPV's equipment characteristics include white noise interference, with a normalized noise disturbance level of 0.8, and compliance with electromagnetic field immunity standards (DSTU EN 55014-2 and DSTU EN 61000-6-14). It consumes up to 220 W of power and has a quick warm-up time of 0.5 seconds. With dimensions of 80 x 20 x 16 cm, it adheres to radio frequency emission standards to minimize interference with other devices.

Additionally, there is a variant called the Kvertus AD Counter FPV Backpack, designed for military convenience. It shares similar features with the standard version, including the 360° aerial radiation pattern, but with an increased weight of 8 kg. The UAV blocking range remains up to 150 meters, and the total output power is 60 W. The backpack version comes with a removable rechargeable battery (24V 12Ah) providing up to 2 hours of battery life, suitable for military operations involving high mobility forces and medevac operations.

The blocking range may vary based on terrain features and the distance between the UAV and its operator. The device, with its kit and aerials, weighs 8 kg, and its dimensions are 80x12x16 cm. The benefits highlighted for both versions include portability, high battery capacity, omnidirectionality, and ease of use.

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Key features of the AD G-6+ anti-drone gun include a UAV blocking range of up to 3.5 km, contingent upon the drone operator's location. (Picture source: Army Recognition)


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