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Venezuela acquires Chinese Skyfend Technology's Hunter SHH100 Drone Killer.

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In early March 2024, Venezuela incorporated the Skyfend Hunter SHH100 anti-drone device into the arsenal of the Comprehensive Aerospace Defense Command (Codai) of the National Armed Forces. Engineered by the Chinese company Skyfend Technology, this portable system is adept at detecting, identifying, locating, and neutralizing unauthorized drones, addressing a growing concern in aerial security.
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Chinese SkyFend's SHH100 Hunter anti-drone rifle (Picture source: Venezuela Army)

The Hunter SHH100 is distinguished by its unique capability to disrupt multiple drones simultaneously, targeting their control systems, navigation, and video transmission through precise jamming of radio (RF) and satellite navigation (GNSS) signals. This technology is vital for ensuring safety across various scenarios, including event protection, VIP security, and the safeguarding of critical energy infrastructure.

Designed for long-range protection, the Hunter effectively counters most threats posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The system is upgradeable, featuring a touchscreen for easy frequency band adaptation and remote diagnostics. Its compact design, measuring 778 x 337 x 113 mm and weighing 6.5 kg, is complemented by an operational time exceeding 8 hours in detection mode and at least 1 hour in active jamming.

Hunter's detection capability reaches up to 2,000 meters with customizable full-band coverage, while its jamming range extends to 3,000 meters, effectively neutralizing flight control and image transmission signals. The device supports all major global satellite positioning systems, including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo, ensuring comprehensive coverage and automatic frequency adaptation.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, Hunter comes with various accessories, enhancing its mobility and effectiveness in the field. Its updatable software ensures the device remains relevant amidst evolving drone technologies. With extreme temperature tolerance and an IP65 rating, Hunter is designed for flexible use in a variety of operational conditions.

Venezuela's adoption of the Skyfend Hunter SHH100 represents a forward leap in combating unauthorized aerial threats, highlighting the role of technology in maintaining national security. Behind this advancement, SkyFend Technology emerges as a key player in the C-UAS solutions sector, reaffirming its commitment to innovation and global aerospace safety.

Venezuela acquires Chinese Skyfend Technologys Hunter SHH100 Drone Killer 001

SkyFend's SHH100 Hunter anti-drone rifle displayed at Milipol 2023. (Picture source: Army Recognition)


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