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Swedish government announces largest military aid package to Ukraine.

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As reported by SVT Nyheter on February 20, 2024, Sweden has announced its largest aid package to Ukraine to date, marking the fifteenth announcement of support, with a commitment of SEK 7.1 billion (approximately €0.63 billion). This new package, which increases Sweden's total military support to Ukraine to SEK 30 billion (€2.68 billion), is crafted to meet the urgent military needs of Ukraine, particularly addressing the considerable ammunition shortages that the Ukrainian forces are facing.
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This new Swedish package allocates one billion SEK (€0.9 billion) for ordering new Combat Vehicle 90s (CV90s) for Ukraine. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Included in the aid package are 10 Stridsbåt 90 fast attack craft, twenty G-class landing craft (Gruppbåt), and various quantities of underwater weapons, including mines and torpedoes. In terms of ammunition, this 15th package brings several RBS 70 man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS), BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles, grenade launchers with ammunition, artillery ammunition, hand grenades, Carl-Gustaf M4 multi-role anti-tank weapon systems, medical supplies, and medical vehicles. Additionally, the package allocates one billion SEK (€0.9 billion) for purchasing war material through various funds, and another billion SEK for ordering new Combat Vehicle 90s (CV90s) for Ukraine, with 400 million SEK (€35.6 million) designated for various training efforts for Ukrainians.

Defense Minister Pål Jonson has stated that the support for Ukraine is considered a measure of assistance that also pertains to Sweden's national security interests. He suggested that a victory for Russia in the conflict could result in increased security challenges for Sweden.

The Swedish government has indicated that this announcement precedes further discussions and announcements regarding support for Ukraine. A subsequent press conference is scheduled at the Berga military base, expected to feature Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, Defense Minister Pål Jonson, and Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson, indicating ongoing deliberations on Sweden's contributions in response to the situation in Ukraine.


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