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Norway joins Czech initiative to support Ukraine with artillery shells.

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Norway announced on March 7, 2024, its intention to participate in a multilateral initiative led by the Czech Republic, aimed at enhancing Ukraine's munitions supplies. The commitment was confirmed by Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Jonas Gahr Stoer.
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155mm artillery shells(Picture source:Brian E. Christiansen/Flickr )

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoer emphasized the importance of the initiative, highlighting Norway's ongoing commitment to support Ukraine. "The Ukraine urgently needs a large quantity of artillery ammunition to resist Russia's aggression war. Today, we have decided to allocate up to 1.6 billion Norwegian crowns ( $153 million) to an initiative under the auspices of the Czech Republic to provide Ukraine as quickly as possible with the much-needed artillery ammunition," he stated.

The Czech plan is a coordinated European effort to support Ukraine militarily with artillery munitions in response to its urgent request for aid due to the Russian invasion. Led by the Czech Republic, it establishes a funding mechanism for countries to contribute to purchasing necessary munitions for Ukraine, particularly 155 mm shells compatible with Ukrainian forces' systems. This initiative aims to enhance Ukraine's defense capabilities against Russian forces, demonstrating European solidarity and the critical role of foreign assistance in Ukraine's military efforts.

The initiative envisions participating countries collaborating to identify and acquire potential munitions stockpiles or sources of rapid production, ensuring a steady supply line to Ukraine. This collective effort is part of a broader strategy to improve Ukraine's defense against Russian aggression.

The countries participating in this initiative, alongside Norway, include Lithuania, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, and France. This diverse group of nations demonstrates a broad international commitment to assisting Ukraine in its defense capabilities.

Czech President Petr Pavel said that Prague identified 800,000 artillery shells, composed of 500,000 shells of caliber 155 mm and 300,000 shells of caliber 122 mm, abroad that could be sent to Ukraine within weeks if allies secure financing.

This achievement underscores the effectiveness of collaborative efforts in swiftly responding to critical security challenges. As Ukraine continues to confront the realities of aggression, the availability of these artillery shells represents a tangible step towards enhancing its defensive capabilities and resilience against external threats
Norway commits to contributing approximately 10% of the total cost for this initiative, with the estimated expenses amounting to $1.6 billion.

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