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Morocco may acquire 200 Cobra 2 vehicles from Turkish manufacturer Otokar.

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The Royal Armed Forces of Morocco (FAR, Forces Armées Royales) may bolster their military arsenal with the addition of 200 Cobra 2 armored vehicles from Otokar, a major Turkish defense manufacturer. This development, reported by Africa Intelligence, signifies a growing relationship between Morocco and the Turkish defense sector. However, it should be noted that although Otokar announced the sale of these vehicles on January 14, the buyer was not specified, so caution is advised.
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Cobra II Otokar light 4x4 tactical armored vehicle (Picture source: Otokar)

The procurement of these vehicles, announced by Otokar on December 14, 2023, is valued at around 136 million dollars. This comprehensive contract includes the armored vehicles, as well as essential spare parts, maintenance support, and training for operators. The delivery of these units is scheduled to start by late 2024, with completion expected over the following year.

According to Africa Intelligence, a portion of these vehicles, about 20, is intended for Moroccan troops engaged in United Nations peacekeeping operations.

The Cobra 2 is a versatile armored vehicle designed by Otokar, a defense company based in Türkiye. This vehicle has earned the trust of several user countries, including Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Senegal, Turkey, Tunisia, and Ukraine, thanks to its impressive features and versatility in the field.

In terms of armament, the Cobra 2 can be equipped with a 7.62 or 12.7 mm caliber machine gun or an automatic cannon of up to 25 mm. This armament capability makes it adaptable to various combat scenarios, including reconnaissance missions, fire support, and security. Its armored protection is designed to withstand 7.62 mm ammunition fire and artillery shell splinters, providing increased safety for the crew and passengers.

The vehicle weighs 14,500 kg and can reach a maximum speed of 110 km/h, allowing great mobility across different terrains. With a range of 700 km, the Cobra 2 is ideal for extended missions without frequent need for refueling.

The Cobra 2 is also designed to comfortably transport a crew of two plus nine infantrymen. Its dimensions, with a length of 6.4 meters, a width of 2.5 meters, and a height of 2.3 meters, make it compact enough for urban navigation while being spacious for combat operations.

The vehicle is equipped with modern combat equipment, such as roof hatches, gun ports and vision blocks, a self-recovery winch, an electronic management system, smoke grenade launchers, an air conditioning system, and a CRBN system for protection against chemical, radiological, biological, and nuclear agents. These features enhance its functionality and ability to operate in various combat environments while ensuring the safety and efficiency of the crew.

If this deal proves to be true, it follows Morocco's previous purchase of Bayraktar drones from Türkiye, indicating an ongoing and strengthened military collaboration between the two countries. But caution is still advised at this stage, as while the sale of these vehicles has been officially announced, the concerned country has not been mentioned, making this a situation to be followed closely.


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