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Mista Polish company continues to deliver Oncilla armored vehicles on Ukrainian front.

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The Polish company Mista has completed the delivery of the 100th Oncilla armored vehicle to a Ukrainian client, according to a report from Defence24. In 2024, Mista finished the order of one hundred Oncilla armored vehicles destined for Ukraine, which are now fully operational in the ongoing conflict.
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Oncilla is a Polish armored vehicle, that was sent directly to the front in Ukraine. (Picture source: Mista)

Mista's leadership emphasizes their commitment to production efficiency and adhering to delivery timelines for their Ukrainian partners. The company maintains close relationships with military personnel on the ground, leveraging front-line experiences to enhance the operational capabilities of their vehicles. Mista highlighted the strong service network in Ukraine, including sending repair teams from the Beryl Design Bureau to the front for equipment maintenance and repair.

These vehicles are used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the National Guard, as well as several Defense Intelligence units. Despite some vehicles being severely damaged or destroyed in the conflict, there have been no reports of crew member losses during such incidents.

With a gross weight of approximately 8800 kg, this vehicle is characterized by a design that combines strength with functionality, with a wheelbase of 3100 mm and a capacity to accommodate a combat crew of three members (commander, driver, gunner) plus six additional soldiers.

The Oncilla measures between 5.45 and 5.8 meters in length depending on whether it is equipped with a winch or not, 2.45 meters in width, and its height varies from 2.3 meters at the top of the hull to 2.7 meters at the top of the machine gun mount. Its ground clearance of at least 400 mm allows it to navigate difficult terrain with ease.

The Polish vehicle is equipped with two engine options: the KM DEUTZ BF 4M 1013FC with a maximum power of 190.5 hp paired with an Allison 1000 gearbox, or the IVECO NEF 4 ENTC delivering up to 209.5 hp, associated with an automatic transmission (6/1). This engine power gives the vehicle excellent driving performance, with a maximum speed on the highway of at least 120 km/h and a fuel range of 750 km. It is also capable of overcoming obstacles with a maximum climbing angle of 30 degrees and a maximum heeling angle of 24 degrees.

The standard armament of the Oncilla includes an NSV machine gun of 12.7 mm caliber. It is equipped with an air conditioning and heating system in accordance with NATO standards (AECTP – 230). In terms of protection, the basic armor level meets the STANAG 4569 level 2 standard, which can be increased to level 3 with the addition of external passive armor.

The vehicle's standard equipment includes a central tire inflation system, hydraulic power steering, communication and satellite navigation systems, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), an automatic fire extinguishing system, a filter and ventilation unit, and a self-rescue winch of 6.8 tons.

Mista uses information gathered on the battlefield to innovate with the next iteration, the Oncilla II armored vehicle. This initiative reflects feedback from military users, aiming to evolve the vehicle's design, especially in terms of mine protection. The upcoming Oncilla II model is expected to feature a redesigned, larger, and heavier frame. Preliminary designs suggest improvements to the vehicle's chassis and powertrain, including switching to a more powerful engine to accommodate the weight increase.

Furthermore, the company aims to enhance the vehicle's armament by integrating a new remote-controlled combat module capable of accommodating a 14.5 mm machine gun. This improvement will enable the Oncilla II to engage more effectively against enemy infantry, fortifications, and light armored vehicles, expanding its operational scope on the battlefield.


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