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Luxembourg Army joins artillery coalition for Ukraine.

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Militarnyi reports that Luxembourg has joined the France- and Germany-led artillery coalition, as confirmed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense following the recent Ramstein summit. Luxembourg is also collaborating with Belgium and the Netherlands to procure drones for the Ukrainian Defense Forces.
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French-supplied CAESAR self-propelled howitzer of the Ukrainian army in action, Autumn 2022 (Picture source: ArmyInform via Militarnyi)

The Artillery Coalition to support Ukraine was inaugurated in Paris on January 18, 2024. The coalition's initial meeting saw the formulation of a unified strategy to fulfill the Ukrainian Armed Forces' requirements for certain artillery weapons. The session commenced with virtual remarks from Ukraine's Defense Minister, Rustem Umierov, and an address by France's Minister of the Armed Forces, Sébastien Lecornu. The coalition's launch was marked by the presence of delegates from 22 countries, with the Ukrainian team led by Deputy Defense Minister Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk.

The Defense Ministry highlighted the coalition's composition of nations with cutting-edge technology for producing sophisticated artillery systems, munitions, reconnaissance systems, drones for target designation, and fire control systems. The initiative aims to bolster the Ukrainian Defense Forces by supplying new artillery systems, enhancing the effectiveness of existing weaponry, and ensuring their efficient operation. Mr. Havryliuk noted that the Paris discussions were centered on the immediate requirements of the Ukrainian Armed Forces regarding ammunition and artillery systems, including their upgrade, maintenance, and operator training.

The talks also covered military-technical cooperation for the sustained support of the Ukrainian army's artillery units. Lieutenant General Havryliuk expressed Ukraine's interest in acquiring state-of-the-art artillery systems and initiating the production of certain models within Ukraine, noting the proven effectiveness of systems previously received from partners in combat against Russian forces.

The initiative includes the delivery of 78 new CAESAR self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine, set to be produced in 2024, with financial contributions from coalition members. France plans to allocate €50 million from its support fund for the Ukrainian army toward the purchase of 12 of the 78 howitzers, with Ukraine funding an additional six.

To facilitate this initiative, four working groups have been established, each focusing on a specific area of activity. The Artillery Coalition is part of the broader Capability Coalitions initiative.

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