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Greece Ramps Up Military Support for Ukraine with Czech Partnership Including Rockets and Howitzers.

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Citing information published on the Greek newspaper website "Ekathimerini" on March 15, 2024, Greece has committed to augmenting its military assistance to Ukraine amidst ongoing conflicts. The Greek government has outlined a strategic plan to supply Ukraine with a substantial cache of weapons and ammunition through a collaborative effort with the Czech Republic. This initiative ensures that Greece's contribution does not impact its own defense reserves.
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The M114A1 is an upgraded version of the M114 155mm howitzer, an American towed artillery piece used by various countries' armed forces since its introduction in the 1940s. (Picture source Wikimedia)

The forthcoming agreement between Greece and the Czech Republic entails the procurement of various military systems, directly transferred to Ukraine. High-level negotiations are currently underway to finalize the pricing and details of this bilateral agreement. Among the critical supplies, ammunition emerges as the paramount need for Ukraine, with Greek officials pledging a significant contribution towards fulfilling Ukrainian requisites.

Athens has formally informed European Union officials, who are orchestrating aid coordination for Kyiv, about its readiness to dispatch a comprehensive list of military aid through the Czech conduit. The assistance package includes 2,000 5-inch Zuni rockets, 180 2.75-inch rockets pivotal in anti-tank operations, 90,000 90mm projectiles, anti-aircraft weapons, 4 million bullets, and 70 M114A1 US-made 155mm howitzers. Notably, the M114A1 howitzers, drawn from the Hellenic Army's surplus stocks deemed surplus to operational requirements, are identified as instrumental for Ukraine's defense strategies in challenging terrains. This marks the second occasion Greece has facilitated the transfer of M114A1s to Ukraine via the Czech Republic.

This initiative is part of Greece's ongoing support to Ukraine since the outset of the Russian invasion in February 2022. Past contributions have encompassed infantry fighting vehicles, including 40 BMP-1A1s delivered in October 2022, anti-tank weaponry like 815 RPG-18s, and a significant number of Kalashnikov rifles. Greece has also been involved in supplying artillery and small arms ammunition, with plans to procure 155mm ammunition through the European Defense Agency.

Additionally, Greece has extended support in training Ukrainian military personnel, including pilots for F-16 jet fighters and troops on the Leopard 2 MBT. It has also provided rehabilitation services for wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

This sustained military aid underscores Greece's commitment to supporting Ukraine in its time of need, strengthening defense capabilities against the backdrop of the ongoing conflict.

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